Embrace your alter ego with Alternate emails


define “alter ego” – noun, a person’s secondary or alternative personality.



Many of us have more than on email account for our daily communications: one for work, one for friends and family and of course the awkward one you made when you were 17, something along the lines of crazyboy17@whatever.com. To make sure that your friends and acquaintances from all of these life periods would be able to create conversations with you on Fleep we have created an extra feature called Alternate email. Think of it as an online alter ego, it’s still you, but from a different angle.

If there’s an Alternate email, is there also a Primary email?

Yes, your Primary email is the email address you used when you signed up for your Fleep account or your Fleep ID if you’ve set it up. When you used Google sign-in the first time to log in to Fleep, then your Gmail account is the Primary email. If you followed a link as an email participant from the Fleep notifications and used that to sign up for Fleep, then that will be your Primary email. If you signed up for a Fleep ID, then that is your Primary email. To be certain which one is the right one you can always go to your Account settings and manage all your email addresses linked to your Fleep account.

Why should I use Alternate email?

Alternate emails work as an extra layer of search when someone wishes to include you in a Fleep conversation. In it’s essences it’s an extra identifier to your Fleep account that shows it’s you behind this email address. Instead of needing to create a bunch of different Fleep accounts you can unify all of them into one account. That way, when your colleagues add you to a conversation with a company email address and your mom adds you into a quick chat with your personal email address Fleep will know, that it’s still you.

fleeptipsHow can I setup Alternate email(s)?

To setup Alternate emails you need to open your Account settings and add an Alternate email, or two, or three. After that, Fleep will send you a verification e-mail asking you to verify the email address as your Alternate email and after that you’re set. You can remove Alternate email(s) at any given time, no restrictions around that.

What if I want my Alternate email address to be the Primary email address?

When you initially signed up, you might not have been aware of the fact that all email notifications go to your Primary email and that this cannot be easily switched with the Alternate email. Maybe you used your personal email address but would have rather used your work email address and turning off email notifications is not an option. Well, in that case, you can do a switch. Register a new Fleep account using your Alternate email address instead and set the old account e-mail address as this new account’s Alternate email. That way Fleep will instantly replace your old account with your new account in all the chats you were already in, making your experience swift and fluid.