How to replace email with Fleep?

Fleep blog, how to replace email with FleepWhen we started with Fleep the idea was to combine IM and emails all into one useful application so that the distance between business emails and chatting would be shorter. Juggling different tools can take a lot of time and it definitely reduces productivity if you have to switch in a matter of minutes.

The good news is that now you can start reducing the amount of emails you get in your mailbox!

What’s my Fleep email?

Fleep profile information and primary email.A little known fact about Fleep is that you can direct your e-mails to Fleep. It all starts from getting to know what your Fleep e-mail is and how it’s compiled together from the email address you signed up with (aka primary email). To find out your primary email used in Fleep you simply need to check the top-right corner of the Fleep application. For instance, here’s Scott, you can see his primary email directly under his name.

Scott’s email counterpart in Fleep is – we replace the @ in the email address with a dot and add to the end. Knowing this will help you send your stuff to the Fleep app directly.

How to move current email threads to Fleep?

Now, knowing your Fleep email, sending things to Fleep can be done in a few simple steps. Whenever you wish to direct a conversation to Fleep you start by adding your Fleep email (the one ending with to the CC line of the email with a short notification of “Let’s move this discussion over to Fleep”. At this point the conversation is instantly sent to Fleep and added to your conversation list. Now comes the tricky part! Make sure you send a quick response from the new Fleep conversation to all the members again. This will avoid the situation that someone writes in response to the original email and the conversation continues in your inbox.

How to get incoming conversations to Fleep?

Now, a fair enough question is, how to avoid people sending stuff to my mailbox altogether? Well, that one is even more simple than the previous exercise. Give them your Fleep email straight away or add it to your email signature or business cards. Once people know the right “email” address to write to, you won’t have to check your inbox ever again… OK, maybe that was a bit presumptuous, after all, we don’t live in an ideal world yet. But it should make it easier to reduce the amount of emails that come to your inbox and divert them to Fleep straight away.

How to send messages to other Fleep users?

Heh, well that one is easy! If you’ve been using Fleep for a while now, you know the answer to that one already. For those that are new to Fleep, the easiest order of action is this:

  1. Open Fleep (sign-in)
  2. Click on New Conversation link  on the left-hand pane
  3. Add the email address of the person you wish to send your message to
  4. Type the message and hit Send

Once you start a conversation, Fleep will deliver the messages right away to the Fleep user (registered with the email address) or with a short 3 minute delay to the recipients email inbox. The built-in delay is there to avoid spamming the other person with many emails containing short sentences, instead it gives you time to finish whatever you wanted to talk about and delivers the messages in one whole batch.

So, what now?

Perseverance is one of those words I would use to describe what it takes to get  all your conversations moved to Fleep. Perseverance, because every new tool takes time to get used to and we all know there are so many of them out there. One more useful than the other.

That said, here’s a challenge! Habits take about 30 days to settle in, so next time when you find yourself starting a new email thread which you know will turn into a back-and forth marathon, open Fleep and start a new conversation there instead. It just might happen that you’ll grow to love Fleep even more once you start using it frequently.

Let us know how it goes as well in Twitter or Facebook and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’ll be glad to help you out in the Fleep Support chat.