Message formatting and chat commands in Fleep

Chat commands in Fleep

“If I use FLEEP, I’d like to use it as a power user and not just be an aunt Minnie user.”

That’s a comment from one of our customers, anxious to become a power-user of Fleep and fair enough, who can say NO to that kind of passion! Inspired by that I thought we should talk about message formatting and chat commands in Fleep.

Some of the simple hacks we already shared a few weeks ago in this blogpost 13 tips to get you started with Fleep. We saw that this really helped our users and even though our aim is to make sure our chat works the best to its abilities we do have some chat commands, settings and formatting that might be of use to you and for the more advance ones, some information around webhooks as well. Sharing is caring, here it comes!

Text formatting

For those occasional times when you need to use text editing or when you wish to emphasize something in the middle of text we have the option of bold, italic and bold italic.

text formatting

If you are an engineer or need to share code snippets and preformatted text, we also have a solution that should get your further.

*bold* — formats text as bold
_italic_ — formats text as italic, cursive
_*bold italic*_ — formats text as bold and italic
::: on a separate line — insert code snippets as preformatted text
link<<text>> — adds an inline link with the text in the angled brackets

Code snippets will look like this:

code snippet

Chat commands

Remember the good old times when IRC was still hip and cool and everyone was chatting on and on in the chatrooms? It’s still hip and cool, but nowadays the business chats don’t work the same way, with few exceptions of course.

For those that are feeling a little nostalgic or simply wish to polish their Fleep skills, here are a few chat commands.

/add <email> — add new members to the conversation
/kick <email> — removes members from the conversation
/leave — leave conversation
/pin <message> — create a new pinned message
/task <message> — create a new task
/taskto @mention <message> — create a new task, automatically assigned to the person you’ve @mentioned
/bug <message> — create a new bug report task with ((bug)) emoticon
/call — create a new Google Hangouts call in Fleep
/giphy <keyword> — posts a GIF from the GIPHY database to the Fleep conversation (read more about the Fleep-GIPHY integration)

add command

Chat preferences

There are two types of people – those who prefer to have Enter send a message right away and those who’d rather have Enter insert an extra line when chatting. We accommodate for both types of people. You can configure this in your Account preferences in Fleep, by ticking or unticking the settings for ‘Enter sends a message in Fleep/email conversations’:

account preferences

The new HELP button in Fleep

help buttonFor those that haven’t noticed yet, we’ve introduced a new Help button! Once you click on it, the Help and Assistance menu bar will open. You can find some handy tips there – as well as a link to the Help Center and a button that will direct you to the conversation with Fleep Support!

Should you have further questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us via Fleep Support. We’ll gladly help to setup hooks and Github integrations, bring you together with our own team members as well as share more information around our API.