Tidy up your conversations list!


There’s a saying that “a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind”, therefore it’s important to clean up the mess that useless conversations leave behind. After the launch in March a lot of our users asked for a better way to tidy up their conversation list and archiving things just wasn’t doing it any more.

Guess what!? It’s now possible to clean up useless conversations, throw them out with the trash with our new useful feature: delete conversations. You asked for it and we heard you loud and clear!


To delete a conversation, right-click on the conversation and choose Delete from the menu.

What’s the difference between Delete conversation and Archive conversation?

Both features are pretty similar but their use cases are different. One allows you to order your All conversations list based on active chats whereas the other helps to clean it up from old conversations that are no longer useful.

  • Archive conversation is a feature that removes the conversation from your active conversation list and move it to the end of your conversation list with a tag “Archived” to it. You will be able to reactivate that chat at any given time if you wish to, it just won’t clutter up your active conversation list.
  • Delete conversation is a feature that deletes a conversation from your list without your members being notified about that. The conversation will discontinue and be out of your head and Fleep until a chat member starts talking again in that neglected chat. At that time, the conversation reappears to your conversations list and you’re added to the conversation again. Duly noted, you won’t be seeing any of the chat history but will still be able to see the files and pins that were included in the chat.

    If you’d like to avoid the chat from popping up again into your active conversations list, you better leave first (/leave) and then delete it. That way you won’t be notified about it ever again.

We hope you like the improvements we’ve made! If you have any questions feel free to reach out to us via social channels (Twitter, Facebook) or Fleep Support chat in the client. Henn will be waiting!