Tales from Fleep: A well-kept secret support

Let me share with you a little known fact about Fleep: when you write to Fleep Support, our CEO, Henn Ruukel, is the one answering to your chats. I kid you not! This is our secret ingredient to great customer service.

“Answering to users’ questions in the Fleep Support chat helps me understand what our users love and hate about Fleep in a straightforward way. That kind of knowledge helps us prioritize the next features we’ll launch and gives me honest insight into what kind of importance our users attach to the changes we’ve already made.”

When running a start-up you really can’t be choosy about your role in the team, especially when you’re in a race with time and competitors. Days are not brothers and changes are constantly happening around us. Being a CEO of a start-up does not mean that you only sign papers or make the next hire, it also means getting down and dirty when the occasion requires it. That’s why it’s normal to see Henn running around trying to debug problems, making screenshots, sharing thoughts and being active in all the group chats with the team, day and night, even on weekends. Working in a start-up really isn’t a 9-5 job. You can’t allow yourself that luxury and be successful at the same time.


Here’s Henn, working very hard as you can see. It’s tiresome to do so many things at once!

Luckily for us, handling customer support is not only about solving bugs and giving tips and tricks on how to use Fleep. It has its own rewards as well, such as comments from users that are super-excited to use Fleep:

“Using it outside on a browser, all is so convenient. The only issue is persuading the world to use this. So clean and simple, love the layout, love the design. Colors are great. Love the pin note so that I can remember things from conversations. Love the items tagged to it, sharing is made so much easier. And all of this is free now!”

“This kind of comments make me smile” says Henn, “this is the part that makes building Fleep a truly enjoyable experience. That and the fact that we’re building a useful team collaboration tool together with a great team.”

Therefore, next time when you find yourself looking for a feature that’s not there yet or find a bug, ping Fleep Support and talk to Henn. Granted, it sometimes takes a while to get an answer, but you’ll get your answer. That’s a promise!

Oh and if you happen to know Estonian, don’t be afraid to start a conversation with “Tere!” instead of “Hello!”