What’s your Fleep story?

Fleep blog, what's your Fleep story?A team of lawyers that uses Fleep to send messages between themselves, a delivery business that uses Fleep for logistics, a startup changing the way people learn languages and the girl whose nickname is Fleep

These are just a few of the Fleep stories which are waiting to be shared with the community. Each and every user has a Fleep story to tell, be it then how they heard about Fleep, how they’re using Fleep or how Fleep helps them change the world.

So we’ve set ourselves a mission! Today we start with a new series of blogposts that are dedicated to sharing the stories and experiences of different people, teams, startups and businesses that discovered Fleep and gave it a home in their everyday life.

What’s your story and would you be willing to share it with us and other Fleep users? Let us know via Twitter or Facebook and we’ll get in touch! Don’t forget to use the #fleepstories tag!

Stories that have already been published

* Meet Fleep, our namesake in the real world
* Funderbeam – brings data-driven transparency to startup investing
* Lingvist – making waves in the language learning business
* ParallelDots - creating interactive, intuitive and easy-to-navigate timeline interfaces
* Liisa from Toggl – an online timetracking tool for freelancers, consultants and small businesses
* Kei from GoWorkaBit – a web application that helps you find short-term jobs more easily
* Lizelle from Effectively and Women Who Startup – a startup entrepreneur
* Karmen Reinpõld – a triathlon and cycling coach
* Sander, Gerli, Krister and Agur – a panel of 4 early adopters speak up about Fleep for business communication
* Team Naw - a group of freedivers who are on a quest to preserve the oceans around the world
* Electric Taxi - a taxi company revolutionizing the world of taxi service with electric cars
* Fututec - a cloud-based information system for managing real estate
* Õpiveeb – an online platform for teachers and students
* Kodasema – a company working on innovative, sustainable houses
* Bigbank – providing banking services across Europe
* DreamApply – the team building a student admission platform
* SprayPrinter – the device that delivers digital designs to any wall
* Shipitwise - an easy and affordable international shipping service for individuals
* Slick Trade – Forex and NADEX trading education company
* Heroic - an independent record label and management agency
* PlanetX - a full service web agency