Fleep User Story: Kei from GoWorkaBit

Fleep User Stories is a series of blogposts that showcases all the cool people, teams and companies that use Fleep in their daily business.

This time we talked with Kei Karlson, the co-founder of GoWorkaBit. Kei has one of those awesome bubbly personalities that can light up the room so it’s no wonder that her ideas of changing the world aren’t small ones. Add to it her enthusiasm, hardworking and straightforward nature in which she leads her startup venture and you’ll understand why we decided that she and her startup are worth their very own special emoticon ((work)) as a tribute. This is a true startup that works hard and plays hard!

So, what is GoWorkaBit?

GoWorkaBitWebsite: https://goworkabit.com/
Facebook: GoWorkaBit
Twitter: @GoWorkaBit


GoWorkaBit (GWB in short) is a web application which connects companies that need extra personnel for their short term assignments with people who want to choose where and when they work.

Our Story started in a Garage48 hackathon in October last year. I had been working in Manpower as an HR consultant for almost 7 years and saw that more and more companies needed just-in-time hiring solutions. They had situations where there was suddenly an urgent need for extra help, but, even for a well-established staffing agency like Manpower, it took far too long to find and select those people.

On the other hand, there was a trend forming where more and more people no longer wanted to or could work in a traditional way. They wanted the freedom to choose when and where they work. For example students, stay@home parents, etc. And if you talk about gen Y, nobody wants to work 9-5/40h per week. :)

To connect these two sides fast enough, we needed a tool. So I decided to participate at Garage48 and pitch the idea. As a result an awesome team was created on Friday night and on Sunday we launched our first version of GoWorkaBit. …and we have worked “a bit” since then. :)

How many people in the team and where are you located at?

Fleep User Stories, GWB GoWorkaBit team picture

Today we have 8 people in our team and we have offices in Tartu and Tallinn. GoWorkaBit has over 17K users in Estonia who want to work a bit and more than 400 companies have decided to join us. Our mission is to change the way people work and companies use workforce. Work is so much more than just earning money. It’s about meeting new people, trying yourself out in new roles and having fun. If you have a choice how much and where you want to work, it can be all that.

How did you find out about Fleep?

GWB participated in Estonian TV show “Ajujaht 2014” and Fleep did a demo at one training event last year. We decided to try it, but as we had just few people in our team all mostly working on the same thing and Skype was more suitable for everyday chat, we did not use Fleep for a while.

A few months later, we had a ton of documents to share and keep in one place, several topics that needed various levels of attention by different people and we needed a way to organize all the communication between 8 people. For that Fleep turned out to be very comfortable. We have different chats for our most important subjects, like Sales and Marketing, Dev, Support and we pin our weekly to-do lists for each subject so it´s really easy to follow the progress.

We have used Fleep for some months now and are impressed by their support team and the way they keep their customers happy. One day we were surprised by receiving our own emoticon. The story behind it you can read here. We need a lot of emoticons because we have a lot of emotions. :)

I personally love Fleep mobile app – it’s easy to use and always in sync. It’s like you have your whole team in your pocket!

Fleep User Stories, Kei Karlson from GoWorkaBit, Fleep is like having your whole team in your pocket

Any Fleep tips you’d like to share?

We recently discovered that it is so easy to create new chats for different subjects that all of your time is spent in Fleep, reading chats. Though this might make Fleep founders very happy, it makes it too easy to lose the productivity. So my tip: keep your chat count at the optimal level. :)

Kei was right, having a lot of chats does make us happy, but it makes us happier if the active users of our group chat application use Fleep to boost their productivity rather than let it create an extra layer of distractions. Stories such as Kei has about her startup are not your usual ones and we’re very happy she decided to share this with us! But this is not the only story from our users, if you’d like to get more stories like this in the future as well, feel free to follow us on Twitter (#fleepstories) or Facebook and check out the rest of the stories.

Get your game face on! – Avatars in Fleep

They say a picture says more than thousand words. Our imagination is a powerful tool but it always adds a little extra flare when you can actually see the person that’s on the other end of the screen. Having a profile picture also lets you showcase your personality, share visual jokes as well as just make things more interesting.

With the latest web, iPhone and Android update we’ve made avatars visible in the conversation flow. With the new look and feel of Fleep the avatars make it easier to grasp the boundaries between different messages.

avatars in fleep

How to setup, add or remove avatars?

For web, Mac and Windows client users: Go to Account Settings > Account profile. If you do not have an avatar yet, you can just upload one from your computer by hovering your mouse over the placeholder and then clicking on ‘Upload’:

upload avatar

Once you’ve added a picture, you can chnage or delete it any time by hovering your mouse over the picture in your Account settings and clicking on the respective button:

change avatar

As the avatar is stored in the cloud, the picture you choose will show up as your avatar on every device you’re using Fleep on.

avatars in Fleep

Changing avatar in Fleep for iPhone


For iPhone users: In the Fleep app for iPhone, click on the menu icon (three stripes, i.e. ‘burger’ menu icon) to find Settings within the app. There, click on ‘Your Profile’. Here, you can upload a photo by clicking on the ‘Change’ button on your avatar or placeholder avatar.


avatar in fleep

Setting an avatar in the Fleep Android app

For Android users: In the Fleep app for Android, click on the menu icon (three stripes, i.e. ‘burger’ menu icon) to find Settings within the app. There, click on ‘Your Profile’. Here, tap on the picture (or if there’s no picture, on the avatar space) – a popup will appear where you can choose to take a new photo, choose a picture from your photo gallery or delete your avatar (if you have one).

So… now that you know how to setup your Fleep avatar it’s time to get your game face on and start Fleeping! If you have any questions or your creativity sparks a new feature request, then don’t hesitate to ping us via Fleep Support or via our social channels (Twitter, Facebook). We’re all ears when it comes to feedback!

Fleep User Stories: Liisa from Toggl

Fleep User Stories is a series of blogposts that showcases all the cool people, teams and companies that use Fleep in their daily business.

Amongst many of the previous Fleep User Stories we came across Toggl, another brilliant startup from Estonia that has built a leading online time tracking tool, which is extremely popular among freelancers, consultants, and small companies.

Toggl allows users to track the time spent on various projects and analyze productivity. It’s cloud-based and can be up and running from scratch in less than a minute. It can be used on the web, as a desktop widget or on your mobile – all your data gets synced in real time.

Fleep User Stories, Toggle timetracking toolWebsite: https://www.toggl.com/
Toggl Blog: http://blog.toggl.com/
Youtube channel: TogglTimer
Facebook: Toggl
Twitter: @toggl


Fleep is being used by the support team in Toggl and Liisa Toompuu, Head of Toggl Support & User On-Boarding, took some time to confess why she’s a big fan of Fleep. I hope you love reading it as much as we did as it really made us go: “Aww!” here in the Tallinn Fleepcave.

Liisa Toompuu from Toggl, Fleep User Stories.Why do I love Fleep?

Among the Toggl Support team, we often work during different times of day, in different places, on different devices. For example I used to have two laptops – one that I used in the office during the day and another that I used at home. This was super convenient because when I did my evening shifts, I didn’t have to lug my laptop around with me all the time but had space for other stuff in my bag instead.

There was a big problem with this, though, and we found the problem grew as our team grew – we used Skype for all of our communications, discussions about bugs and solutions, about what’s going on. This meant that regularly, important information got lost somewhere between the devices or just between being offline and online at different times, because messages only get sent when both participating parties are online. Communication is key in every team, and even more so when the team is not sitting next to each other all day every day.

Fleep was the first alternative we looked at and I loved it straight away. I immediately liked Fleep’s simple, no-nonsense user interface. There’s nothing there that I don’t need – just the people that I’m talking to and the chats I need. I love that Fleep uses just three colors – the grey, the blueish tone, and the white. So clear and simple, a relief to look at! I also like the big-ish photos of the people I’m talking to on the right side, it’s kind of reassuring seeing their faces there

A particular feature that I miss in every other chat tool is Fleep’s pinboard – such a simple way of making note of important bits of information that I know I’ll want to find quickly later!

The quirky smileys in Fleep are an awesome touch and a great change from the classic ones that are very similar everywhere else!

Fleep is really convenient for temporarily adding people to your chats as well. For example, we recently conducted a remote trial working day for someone we looked at hiring from abroad. We created a new group chat in Fleep and invited him along. This way every support member was able to contribute in the day and also get a feel of whether this new person would fit in our team and how they’re doing. The guy had never used Fleep before, but got it in a matter of seconds.

Fleep User Stories, Liisa Toompuu from TogglAnd of course, Fleep does what it promises – your chats do not get lost. Everything that’s been said is always there, whether your team still is online or not. I found their Android app, which is like the rest of Fleep – does exactly what I need it for, and doesn’t try to be anything else. Perfect!

I’ve been using Fleep for ~9 months now and wish that I never had to use anything else. I love it, thank you, Fleep!

This is just one example user case scenario but there are so many more, if you’d like to get more stories like this in the future as well, feel free to follow us on Twitter or Facebook. We always share the newest content in there!

Fleep in compact view

Fleep in compact view

Fleep in compact view is a feature we developed because of the feedback we got. One of our users told us: “Ugh, why does Fleep need to be all over my screen? I’d rather keep it on one side of my desktop so that it’s always in sight when someone pings me…”

Making people feel comfortable with Fleep is definitely a cause that’s well worth spending time on it. And voila, that’s how we got into the compact view business. After playing around with all the puzzle pieces we can now proudly present… Fleep in a smaller scale, just the way you like it!

Why is Fleep in compact view so cool?

Actually, there are a few interesting benefits to having Fleep in a compact and down-scalable form. Firstly, it helps you keep up with what’s going on in Fleep, but not get disturbed by it or consumed by it being all over the screen. This is especially beneficial to people working with large screens!

Secondly, this change melts our mobile and browser versions together. If you’re using Fleep on a smartphone or iPad that does not yet have a native app you can use Fleep in a browser instead. As the contents of the page resize itself based on your screen resolution the experience itself is not much different from using Fleep on an iPhone or Android phone. It brings together all the best of Fleep in a browser in a small-scale form.

So, in what order does Fleep small-scale itself?

The logic behind the new responsive design in this Fleep version is quite straightforward. We go from hiding the least used items into a view that has the most important bits included – your current chats and their content. Once you start to collapse Fleep, the first thing to close will be the right-pane that includes Conversation search, File Drawer, Pinboards, Members, Conversation settings and Help extended panes. Instead we leave you with the smaller icons on the right side of the screen that you can open at any time.

So, while the Fleep app looks like this by default:

Fleep app

To see Fleep in compact view, all you need to do is make the window narrow – and the left pane disappears to give you a compact view:

fleep in compact view

All conversations in compact view

fleep in compact view

A Fleep conversation in compact view

Navigating in compact Fleep is similar to mobile clients. When you have a conversation open, the arrow in the top-left corner navigates to the All conversations view. The small plus-sign button in the top-right corner of the All conversations view allows you to create a new conversation.

We hope you enjoy the compact view of Fleep! Whenever you have questions, don’t hesitate to ping us via Fleep Support chat or to reach out via social channels (Twitter, Facebook). We’re all ears when it comes to feedback!