On the left, there’s nothing left… oh wait, there it is!

Fleep, chat for teams, left pane changes blogpost illustrationOne of the things that prohibits people from collaborating is when they can’t really reach each other, this is especially tough on remote teams. And we wouldn’t want the team collaboration to suffer, right? So let’s go down the memory lane for a moment so that you can understand what we changed in our left-pane logic.

In the “good old days” we were convinced that real concentration means answering to conversations one chat at a time. This brings focus and allows you to be more productive. Well, little did we know that this type of assumption created a whole new layer of problems to our users – they started losing sight of their conversations. Sure, there has always been the “All conversations” view in Fleep, but unless you’re being really careful it was easy to miss notifications amidst a busy working day.

Fleep left pane with active chatsTherefore, gone are the old times when you would be notified of new Fleep conversation one chat at a time and have only 10 conversations at maximum visible on your left pane and in comes the new wave of changes!

Now you will see all your new conversations popping up on the left pane when there’s new content in them. If there are more conversations going on than the left pane can fit, a scrolling bar will appear.

To make things better, we’ve made some more room for the chats and reduced the spacing between chats. Now, when you’re done with a chat, you can simply close it and see it reappear at the bottom of the list once there’s something new going on.

So this is what really happened with the left pane in your Fleep client and why it’s been bubbling in a faster pace these days. Hope you’re loving the new change and if not, let us know and we’ll reiterate again. If you have any questions or ideas for new feature requests, don’t hesitate to ping us via Fleep Support or via our social channels (Twitter, Facebook). We’re all ears when it comes to feedback!