Expressing yourself made easy: paste images from clipboard directly into Fleep!

Fleep, chat for teams and businesses, now allows you to paste images from clipboard.In our daily lives as modern day computer gurus we express ourselves more and more with images because sometimes words just aren’t enough to capture the moment in time! Be it then a quick screenshot of what you need to share with your team, design mocks that you’re currently editing in Photoshop or an image from the latest Word document that you’re working on..

Many of you asked after our latest coming-out-of-BETA launch whether we’ll be adding the paste-from-clipboard functionality. Well, guess what, for all Fleep Windows app users and for all those that are using Fleep with Google Chrome browser, the paste-from-clipboard functionality is now there!

Paste images from clipboard into Fleep, example on how to paste from the internetTo use the functionality: 1) copy the image 2) paste it into the message entry area in Fleep (only works in Windows app or when using Fleep from Google Chrome browser) and add a comment if you’d like to 3) Hit Send! – You’re done! Fleep will attach a random name to your pasted image all by itself with a date and time attached to it.

Do note that if you wish to copy-paste files from your computer folders you still have to use the little paperclip icon below the message entry area or the drag-and-drop option.

The good news is, this change isn’t the only one upcoming in the next few weeks! To keep the momentum up we’re already developing a way how you can share files and images more easily between different conversations and working on further integrations that should make your lives easier. Hope you like the new features and if you have any questions or ideas for new feature requests, don’t hesitate to ping us via Fleep Support or via our social channels (Twitter, Facebook). We’re all ears when it comes to feedback!