Subscriptions: what’s all the fuss about?

Fleep, chat for teams, free and premium subscriptionsAre you already part of the world of Fleep Premium subscribers? Awesome! Whether you decide to stay on Fleep Free or upgrade to Premium – choice is yours and we are thankful for you in either way! You can be sure that we will be with you every step of the way!

Now that it’s been a month since our subscriptions launched and we thought it best to share some more knowledge around the subscription now to make sure we’re all on the same page. Following are some of the most frequent questions we’ve been asked lately in no particular order.

First, what is the difference between Premium and Free subscriptions?

It’s time to get back to the basics! By default every registered Fleep user will initially get a 30-day trial for Premium subscription and after that will be put back to the Free subscription. Unless they decide to upgrade to keep their Premium subscription which will give some extra benefits.

The main difference between Premium and Free subscription is that you can add more files (50GB worth) and in the future we’ll be adding team management features on top of the current offering.

You can manage your subscriptions on the web browser and Fleep app for Windows (not supported in the Mac app or mobile apps), under your Account settings.

Can I pay for others and how can I do that?

Yes, it’s possible to pay for other Fleep users. For that the teamlead or the person who has a hefty wallet can add everyone’s email addresses during the purchase process by clicking on the +Add subscription members button.

add subs members

Once you’ve added the first colleague you will see another Add button show up under it. Click on that until you’ve added all members of your team.

mary and scotty

Once you’ve added all the email addresses of the people you wish to pay for yourself, click Confirm and you’re done!

Will I get a payment receipt for my company?

Yes, not a problem! You can get a payment receipt for your company. Just make sure that you tick the box I’m buying as a company in the payment flow and fill in all the relevant information about your company to make sure the final payment receipt also includes that data. After the purchase is done and payment has been confirmed you will get an invoice receipt to your email (the one you registered your Fleep account with) and it will also be accessible from the Subscriptions window in Fleep at any time after the purchase has been made.

Fleep receipt

Can I add and remove members from the subscription?

Yep! If you ever wish to change and/or remove people from your subscription then you can always do that from the Subscriptions window. Just open it up and click on the Modify link (visible on the previous screenshot) and add or remove members using their email addresses.

fleep modify subscription

Once you’re done with adding the team members, click Confirm and voilà you have successfully added new members!

What happens to removed subscription users?

Billing-wise: when you remove someone from your subscribers list, the leftover amount paid in advance for this member will be used as a pre-payment for the upcoming subscription period and the amount will be reduced. No payments will be refunded.
User-wise: the user will return to using the Fleep Free subscription and will get to enjoy all the benefits that the freemium-model allows.

Can I pay for 12 months / annually as well?

Not yet. We’re currently trying out the monthly subscription model and working on adding the annual plan some time in the future. Until then, we hope that the recurring monthly payments will do.

Anything else we can help you with?

Hope this cleared out some of the confusion around our subscriptions. Just in case you were wondering about something that was not in this list of questions, shout out to us via our social channels (Twitter, Facebook) or in the Fleep Support conversation. We’re always happy to help with whatever concern you might have! :)