Files and messages, united!

Files and messages now linked together, united with pins in Fleep, chat for teams and businessesIn case you haven’t noticed – few weeks ago files and messages got married. Whatever actions you do with a message will apply to the files attached to it as well. So if you edit, delete, pin or copy a message – the files go with it.

We think this enables two new cool use cases:

1. Ability to pin messages together with files attached to it (previously you needed to point in the pinned message to the relevant files by adding name of the files or so)
2. Copy messages together with its files from one conversation to another one (previously you needed to download the file from one conversation and then upload it to another one)

Pinning messages together with files

pin file messageYou can now easily Pin or Unpin messages that are linked to files onto the Pinboard and the message will appear with the files attached to it. To do that, right-click on the message (or click on the little triangle on the top-right corner of the message) and a choose Pin from drop-down menu.

Now the message is added to your Pinboard together with the file. If anyone deletes the file from the File Drawer or conversation flow, it will also be removed from the the pin on the Pinboard.

pinned message fleep

Copy-paste messages together with files

copy message fleepYou can now copy-paste messages and pins that are linked to files from one chat to another one together. No need to post message and files separately or download/upload them in between conversations. Simply right-click on the message or pin that’s linked with the file and choose Copy from the drop-down menu.

Then move to the chat where you wish to post the copied text and files and repeat the action in the message area. This time choose Paste. Here’s a quick overview of the process:

Fleep copy message file

Please note: The more common keyboard shortcuts for Copy-Paste will not give you the same outcome!

In case you have any questions or feedback for us, find us via our social channels (Twitter, Facebook) or ping us in the Fleep Support conversation. We’re always ready to hear your opinions and welcome it with open hands!