Introducing the Giphy integration in Fleep

We’ve built a Giphy integration to bring GIFs into your Fleep conversations in a quicker, easier way. Using the Giphy integration couldn’t be easier – it works with the slash command /giphy. Just type /giphy into a Fleep conversation, followed by any keyword and hit Send. This will post a randomly selected GIF from the Giphy library to the conversation like this: giphy integration Yes, we know we’ve cautioned against creating unnecessary noise in team chats, so you wouldn’t have to break up with group chat and all its benefits. Well, this integration is perfect for all the Fun Chats, Watercooler and Random conversations you may have in Fleep. (If you don’t have one of those yet, now would be a good time to create one! ;) ) Should you get tired of the GIF playing on an endless loop, just click on the tiny little > arrow next to the gif to collapse it:

giphy integration fleep

The > button will collapse or expand the gif.

Ready to give it a go? Open Fleep and type /giphy into a conversation to start the GIF fun! Go crazy. Even if just for 5 minutes. P.S: Do note that the /giphy command works on the web and desktop applications only – it is not supported on the mobile apps.

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Fleep User Story: Õpiveeb

Fleep User Stories is a series of blogposts that highlights the cool people, teams and companies that use Fleep in their daily business.

Tõnis Kusmin, co-founder of Õpiveeb

Tõnis Kusmin, co-founder of Õpiveeb

Tõnis Kusmin is the co-founder of Õpiveeb – an online platform for teachers and students. “Õpiveeb is for teachers who use interactive online materials for teaching,” he shares. “It helps the teacher find great online materials and share them with students.” Their team has been working on it for a year and a half and they just recently opened the platform to 200 teachers, who are beta testing it. Here is the Fleep story of the Õpiveeb team:

How did you find out about Fleep? 

We were looking for a professional alternative to Facebook Messenger. Once we realized the Skype mobile experience is not optimal – especially in how it drains the battery – we decided to try something different. One of our developers recommended trying out Fleep, and here we are! It’s great to have one place for all work-related chats, with no distractions.

“What do I like most about Fleep? The bridge with email. For example, when I’m chatting with my co-founder and I want to include someone who is not in our team, e.g. a mentor, I can just add them to the conversation with their email address.”

“No questions asked – they don’t have to sign up to Fleep to be a part of the conversation,” he explains. “I just add them, and they’re a part of the conversation via email.”

How do you use Fleep? 

Every conversation we have in Fleep has a specific focus or topic. For example, we have several separate conversations about marketing: email marketing, media, remarketing to current users etc. In this way, we have a good overview of what has been discussed about these topics and what’s coming up next. As an executive who needs to have their fingers on the pulse of everything – marketing, finances, product development, client relations and customer satisfaction -  it’s very easy for me to find the information I need quickly.

Who would you recommend Fleep to?

We would recommend it to everyone. Seriously! In fact, as we include people in Fleep conversations via their email, we’ve noticed a lot of these people have also started migrating to Fleep!

Sneak peek of what Õpiveeb looks like on the inside!

Sneak peek of what Õpiveeb looks like on the inside!

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Chat for teams

Introducing the Slack integration

We are happy to welcome the Slack integration to our list of Fleep integrations!

Slack integration

Slack and Hipchat are great team communication tools – but they are limited to internal communications. As such, they lack the possibility of communicating across team / organizational borders. The Slack integration with Fleep makes that possible.

More specifically, this means that you can now integrate a Slack channel with a conversation in Fleep. As a result, all messages posted in the respective Slack channel will also show up in the connected conversation in Fleep – - and vice versa.

Let’s say you’ve been added to a team on Slack or perhaps are working with a team who uses Slack for their internal communications. But really, you prefer to use Fleep for managing all of your conversations. Now you can integrate any Slack channel with a conversation in Fleep – and continue to use only Fleep for your communications. You will see all messages from the respective Slack channel(s) in Fleep, and you can respond to them directly in the Fleep conversation!

You can set this up via the outgoing and incoming webhooks support (see detailed setup guide for the Fleep-Slack integration here). And the result will look like this, in Slack and Fleep respectively:

Slack integration

Ben and Lisa are participating in the conversation in Slack (on the left), while Mary and Paul are Fleep users (on the right)

All you need  for configuring the integration is to set it up on both Slack’s side, in the respective channel, and in the conversation you wish to connect in Fleep. If you’re not a member of the team you wish to connect with in Slack, you may need the help of your friends using Slack in steps 2-6, to get the right Incoming webhook URL (which will be the Outgoing URL in the integration setup for the respective Fleep conversation).

P.S. If you or your friends are still wondering about the differences between Fleep and Slack, check out the answers on Quora for some clarifying explanations: Quora - What are the key differences between Slack and Fleep?

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Fleep User Story: Fututec

Fleep User Stories is a series of blogposts that highlights the cool people, teams and companies that use Fleep in their daily business.

Meet Fututec – an innovative company developing a cloud-based information system for managing real estate. Their goal is to make the management of real estate in big business centres significantly more effective. Founded in 2010, Fututec has more than 200 business clients already – and is planning to further expand its horizons very soon. Olari Miiter, chairman of Fututec, shares more about their company, the system they have built and about how they use Fleep…

communication tools

Team Fututec – from left: Ragmar Saksing (Co-founder, Head of Development), Veiko Vostrjakov (Partner, Sales and Contracts), Olari Miiter (Co-founder, Marketing and Managing director)

Tell us more about Fututec and the information system you have built.

The Fututec information system streamlines the communication process between business centres and their tenants. It is meant for managing different types of real estate – shopping centres, warehouse space, logistics centres, automatic gas stations, school buildings, kindergartens, office buildings, port buildings, sports centres, etc. It helps the owners and tenants share information in a better, more effective way.

FututecUsually, the business centres or property managers receive information regarding their property – like numbers of visitors and turnover – via email or in the form of Excel sheets. With Fututec, these are put directly into the centre’s information system. This speeds up the process, and makes it more convenient for everyone involved. Additionally, it is super easy to analyze the reported data in Fututec, which improves the planning and execution of campaigns, for example.

How did you find out about Fleep?

We were sitting in our meeting room in Tehnopol and noticed the Fleep logo across the hallway. It sparked our interest and we immediately looked it up. It looked like an interesting tool so we decided to give it a go – we’ve been using it ever since!

What are you using Fleep for and how?

We used to have our communication spread out between different business communication tools: Skype, Gmail, Trello etc. Today, all of our team communication happens in Fleep.

As we have a few different ongoing topics with our team (e.g. sales, marketing, development, contracts, random chat), it is easy to have them as respective conversations in Fleep. And these different conversations have different combinations of team members involved. Also, some emails that have to do with one or the other topic run nicely into the Fleep conversations.

communication tools

There are also some conversations that only include the founders of the company. Additionally, we have conversations with our clients and some dedicated conversations by client type, by region. So, for example, there may be a conversation for everything regarding shopping centres in a certain part of a country. We have also found that our partners are using Fleep more and more for all of their communication!

What do you like about Fleep?

I like how Fleep has remained simple and easy to use. It’s so comfortable to use on your phone, tablet or on your computer.

From the functionality, my favorite feature is the possibility to add new members to a conversation members very easily. In email conversations, you’d usually have to email a new member separately, selecting and forwarding relevant pieces of information from your inbox.

In Fleep, it’s way simpler. For example, our company’s founders had discussed a few things related to sales for some time before there was a need to add the salesperson to the conversation. When they did, the salesperson was able to see everything that had been discussed!

What are your Fleep tips?

communication tools

I would recommend everyone to make use of the Conversation link and Conversation email features. These make it so easy to create new conversations and share them with whomever necessary. For example, you can turn on Sharing in the conversation settings and just send the Conversation link to the relevant people – they can then join the conversation by just clicking on the link.

Who would you recommend Fleep to?  

We would recommend Fleep to everyone who’s tired of digging through emails for pieces of information. Fleep is easy to use and gives a great overview of things.

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Chat for teams

Forward message action in Fleep

“Even if you fall on your face, you’re still moving forward.” – Victor Kiam

We have just recently rolled out a brand new feature – forward message action! This means you can now forward messages to another conversation with just a few clicks. This is an addition to our Quote and Copy message actions, and essentially makes forwarding information and files a bit quicker and easier.

Here’s how it works:

forward message fleep

The forward message action works with both Fleep messages and email messages (including HTML emails). Note that any files attached to the original message will also be forwarded along with the message.

Wait, but why?

The forward message action has been a frequent request from our users who have gradually replaced their email clients with Fleep. It serves email conversations especially well, as you may wish to forward a piece of information or a file, while keeping the context.

At the same time, the Quote and Copy message actions may serve other use cases a bit better. In our team, for example, we often use Quote to refer to a question or point made within a conversation, like this…

quote action

And the Copy Message action is great for copy-pasting just the content without grabbing the ‘header’ and > characters that come with Quote:

Fleep copy message

Example: Copy message action in the iPhone app

Nice! What’s next?

The forward message action is the latest of the recent improvements to managing emails in Fleep – following Multiple accounts support, Conversation list updates and the ability to connect your email with Fleep. We hope you’ve enjoyed these updates.

We’re not stopping here though. We keep learning from the feedback we receive – and currently we’re working to make Fleep work better for people with bigger volumes of email conversation and email list scenarios.

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