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Fleep User Story: Elektritakso

Fleep User Stories is a series of blogposts that showcases all the cool people, teams and companies that use Fleep in their daily business.


A few of the fleeping taxi drivers of Electric Taxi!

Elektritakso (“Electric Taxi”) is an Estonian taxi company that is revolutionizing the world of taxi service with electric cars. This innovative taxi company started in 2012, and it has already grown to employ more than 100 people!

Today, Elektritakso does business in three towns in Estonia – Tallinn, Tartu and Pärnu. They operate on a fleet of Nissan Leafs and even a Tesla Model S! Guess what they use for daily communication? Fleep of course! We’re so glad to be a part of their daily business of eco-friendly taxi innovation! In this Fleep User Story, Kristjan from Elektritakso shares how they use Fleep…

IMG_5308How did you find out about Fleep?

Word of mouth! A friend of a friend of mine is a developer of Fleep and when I heard about Fleep, I looked into it to see what it is. We then realized it serves our communication needs better than Skype, which we had tried using in our taxis.
We decided early on we wouldn’t be using radio communication in our taxis – instead, every car has a tablet and that’s what we’ve always used for assigning jobs and communication.

How does Elektritakso use Fleep?

While we use a different software for assigning jobs and rides, Fleep is there for effective conversations and for sharing important information quickly. There has always been a need for a chat messenger in the field of taxi service – and frankly, no other application has worked as well as Fleep, which was built for conversations. It works especially well for group conversations.

IMG_8172 (1)

Every car has its own Fleep account and they are organized into group conversations by city. These group conversations primarily serve the purpose of sharing information – about traffic for example, or when someone’s ride is taking longer than expected. There are some one-on-one conversations too, between the cars, but since these are set up by car (not by driver) they’re not private conversations.

What do you like about Fleep?

Our favorite part of Fleep is that it’s very convenient for group conversations. But we also like the File Drawer feature and the possibility of disclosing the message history to new members in the conversation.

Do you have any Fleep tips to share?

I would really recommend trying out the possibility to send out and receive emails in Fleep. Even if you think you don’t need it, you should give it a go. It’s a new kind of approach to email conversations, and it’s worth trying out!

To whom would you recommend Fleep?


Everyone who needs group conversations – for example, teams in the workplace, but also groups of friends and people connected through hobby clubs and organizations.

We know which taxi service we’ll be using from here on out…  Thanks for telling us your Fleep User story, Elektritakso! You can find all featured user stories under the Fleep User Stories category. Make sure you also follow Fleep on Twitter (#fleepstories) and Facebook to keep an eye on our news and updates!

Fleep User Story: How 4 Early Adopters use Fleep

Fleep User Stories is a series of blogposts that showcases all the cool people, teams and companies that use Fleep in their daily business.

Fleep is lucky to have a very diverse user base – there are teams of bankers, divers, programmers, startups, lawyers, marketers, families, robotics enthusiasts… You get the idea. And it’s incredible how differently people use Fleep for chat communication! In the panel discussion below, four early adopters share how and why they use Fleep for their team communications. Listen in:

The panel above features Krister Viirsaar from, who’s more of a technical guy himself and knows what makes a great business communication tool. Gerli Veermäe, co-founder of GoWorkaBit, appreciates how Fleep works as the communication tool for their team that’s unconventionally dispersed geographically. Then we have Agur Jõgi, Group CTO of BigBank, who shares the experience of their bank employees using Fleep as their business communication software. Representing the academic community is Sander Ulp from Tallinn University of Technology, who knows a thing or two about how students chat and communicate.

Thanks Krister, Gerli, Agur and Sander for being a part of the panel discussion and sharing how Fleep has changed your business communications! You can find all featured user stories under the Fleep User Stories category. Make sure you also follow Fleep on Twitter (#fleepstories) and Facebook to keep an eye on our news and updates!

Fleep User Story: Karmen Reinpõld

Fleep User Stories is a series of blogposts that showcases all the cool people, teams and companies that use Fleep in their daily business.


One of Fleep’s power users, Karmen Reinpõld is a triathlon and cycling coach, who’s also enthusiastic about science. She helps people reach their sports goals by offering her expertise and experience, personal training plans, constant feedback and support.

When she’s not out there coaching, motivating, leading workshops or doing sports herself, Karmen likes reading books, going to the theatre, devouroing her husband’s baking masterpieces (rumour has it his homemade puff pastry just melts in your mouth), and Fleeping! Read on to find out how Karmen uses Fleep…

How did you find out about Fleep?

I know Henn (CEO of Fleep) from here and there, so when I heard about his new venture Fleep, I just had to take a look! At that point, I didn’t really think I needed another communication tool, even though it definitely looked like a cool and neat software. However, the necessity definitely grew with time.

How are you using Fleep?

Being a full-time coach, I have to communicate with my athletes on a daily basis to share and receive information (files, notes etc.). Basically all the information I receive, I also have to remember – but as we all know, the human brain only has limited memory capacity. So, I needed some external help, badly :) Then I remembered Fleep… Now I literally need to do two clicks to get the information I want – it’s all in the same place.

What do you like about Fleep?

I have two favorite features in Fleep: first, being able to pin text, and second, seeing all of my sent and received attachments in one place, in the file drawer. These may seem like small things, but they’re big for me! These features save me tons of braincells and time every day!

But the main reason why it’s so easy to use Fleep is just as Jaan Tallinn said: the person I am communicating with does not have to use Fleep (and doesn’t have to pay for it just because I gain some benefit from using the tool). If they want, they can join the “party”, otherwise it’s just like emailing for them.

Do you have any Fleep tips to share?

I believe I’m more of a basic user, maybe even too basic – nothing fancy or twisted, just enjoying the black and white, clean usability. It has everything necessary to make my daily life a little more efficient, without it being too energy-consuming. I can use this extra energy in my workouts!

Thanks for sharing your Fleep User Story, Karmen! Again and again, we are surprised by the variety of ways in which people use Fleep. You can find all featured user stories under the Fleep User Stories category. Make sure you also follow Fleep on Twitter (#fleepstories) and Facebook to keep an eye on our news and updates!

Fleep User Story: Lizelle from Effectively and Women Who Startup

Fleep User Stories is a series of blogposts that showcases all the cool people, teams and companies that use Fleep in their daily business.

LVV_GalvaBoulderOutdoorsOct2014We virtually met with Lizelle van Vuuren first when we came across a tweet she had made about Fleep. It was intriguing and flattering for us that she had noticed our Estonian based startup from far away in the US and after a short discussion with her it was obvious that we’re dealing with an inspiring entrepreneur who loves startups, tech, design and has made her mission to change the world for women in startup scene through her organization Women Who Startup.

But enough about our point of view on things, we’ll let her share the full story with you instead.

Who are you, Lizelle, and what do you do?

I’m an entrepreneur living in Denver, Colorado (South African born and raised). I’m a startup entrepreneur and a growth marketer. I love to find new ways to launch ideas, grow startups, build communities and create impact.

How did you find out about Fleep and what do you use it for?

I was first introduced to Fleep when I started to work on a new startup company called, WÜF – wearable technology for dogs company. We were a team of 7 and we were located all over the world. Sean and I were in Colorado but we have team members in Pakistan, Paris, Chicago and Boulder and Denver. To find a means of communication that would fit us all I did some research on communication platforms and came across Fleep.

Lizelle van Vuuren, Kickstarter campaign with WÜF team

Lizelle (on the right) with some of the WÜF team members. From the left: Azmat, who lives in Pakistan and Sean, who resides in Boulder where the photo was also taken.

We communicated on Fleep around the clock while working on the successful Kickstarter campaign I helped them launch in the end of 2014. For the time being it was our lifeline, and I loved it. Although we gave Slack a try it just didn’t cut it in comparison with Fleep which was simple and easy to use.

I currently still run two companies: Effectively – where I work with startups and organizations as a strategist and consultant or as a Co-Founder (sometimes), and Women Who Startup, an organization I started to empower female entrepreneurs to have a powerful community and resources to startup. I work with contractors, partners and sponsors and the number of people varies every month.

Lizelle van Vuuren, Women Who Startup gatherin in Galvanize. She uses Fleep to stay in touch with sponsors and startup community

Women Who Startup community gathering. Lizelle uses Fleep to stay in touch with partners, sponsors and contractors who help her build the Women Who Startup organization in Denver, Colorado. This particular photo was taken at Galvanize (Denver), a collaborative startup community and co-working space. Galvanize is a partner and sponsor of Women Who Startup. There are now multiple locations of Galvanize in Colorado, and also San Fransisco, and many more are coming in the future.

So in short you could say that I use Fleep to communicate with clients, partners, sponsors related to my business as CEO and Founder of Effectively, all my startup projects, and community development including my organization Women Who Startup.

Any tips and tricks or habits that have formed due to taking Fleep in use or why you’d recommend it to others?

I love using Fleep, I have the browser version and the mobile app on my iPhone 6. I check in on updates from people every few hours throughout the day. I don’t like notifications of any kind, because I’m so busy in meetings, events, and heads down work that I check in on my email or Fleep throughout the day.

Is there anything you think Fleep is missing?

I would say that it needs a LOT more integration with other apps, starting with Google apps, etc. I also love that Google Hangouts is integrated but I think that it really needs to be ironed out quite a bit, it seems to almost never work properly.

This is it for this time! I know that we here at Fleep are extremely happy to have “met” Lizelle and get to know her story, it’s truly inspiring! In case you liked her story as well and would like to continue keeping in touch with Lizelle and all her activities, it might help to know that she’s pretty active on these Twitter channels:

Stories such as Lizelle’s are not the only ones we have from our users, if you’d like to get more stories like this in the future as well, feel free to follow us on Twitter (#fleepstories) or Facebook and check out the rest of the stories. Until next time!

Fleep User Story: Kei from GoWorkaBit

Fleep User Stories is a series of blogposts that showcases all the cool people, teams and companies that use Fleep in their daily business.

This time I talked with Kei Karlson, the co-founder of GoWorkaBit. Kei has one of those awesome bubbly personalities that can light up the room so it’s no wonder that her ideas of changing the world aren’t small ones. Add to it her enthusiasm, hardworking and straightforward nature in which she leads her startup venture and you’ll understand why we decided that she and her startup are worth their very own special emoticon ((work)) as a tribute. This is a true startup that works hard and plays hard!

So, what is GoWorkaBit?

Fleep User Stories, GoWorkaBit GWB logoWebsite:
Facebook: GoWorkaBit
Twitter: @GoWorkaBit


GoWorkaBit (GWB in short) is a web application which connects companies that need extra personnel for their short term assignments with people who want to choose where and when they work.

Our Story started in a Garage48 hackathon in October last year. I had been working in Manpower as an HR consultant for almost 7 years and saw that more and more companies needed just-in-time hiring solutions. They had situations where there was suddenly an urgent need for extra help, but, even for a well-established staffing agency like Manpower, it took far too long to find and select those people.

On the other hand, there was a trend forming where more and more people no longer wanted to or could work in a traditional way. They wanted the freedom to choose when and where they work. For example students, stay@home parents, etc. And if you talk about gen Y, nobody wants to work 9-5/40h per week. :)

To connect these two sides fast enough, we needed a tool. So I decided to participate at Garage48 and pitch the idea. As a result an awesome team was created on Friday night and on Sunday we launched our first version of GoWorkaBit. …and we have worked “a bit” since then. :)

How many people in the team and where are you located at?

Fleep User Stories, GWB GoWorkaBit team picture

Today we have 8 people in our team and we have offices in Tartu and Tallinn. GoWorkaBit has over 17K users in Estonia who want to work a bit and more than 400 companies have decided to join us. Our mission is to change the way people work and companies use workforce. Work is so much more than just earning money. It’s about meeting new people, trying yourself out in new roles and having fun. If you have a choice how much and where you want to work, it can be all that.

How did you find out about Fleep?

GWB participated in Estonian TV show “Ajujaht 2014” and Fleep did a demo at one training event last year. We decided to try it, but as we had just few people in our team all mostly working on the same thing and Skype was more suitable for everyday chat, we did not use Fleep for a while.

A few months later, we had a ton of documents to share and keep in one place, several topics that needed various levels of attention by different people and we needed a way to organize all the communication between 8 people. For that Fleep turned out to be very comfortable. We have different chats for our most important subjects, like Sales and Marketing, Dev, Support and we pin our weekly to-do lists for each subject so it´s really easy to follow the progress.

We have used Fleep for some months now and are impressed by their support team and the way they keep their customers happy. One day we were surprised by receiving our own emoticon. The story behind it you can read here. We need a lot of emoticons because we have a lot of emotions. :)

I personally love Fleep mobile app – it’s easy to use and always in sync. It’s like you have your whole team in your pocket!

Fleep User Stories, Kei Karlson from GoWorkaBit, Fleep is like having your whole team in your pocket

Any Fleep tips you’d like to share?

We recently discovered that it is so easy to create new chats for different subjects that all of your time is spent in Fleep, reading chats. Though this might make Fleep founders very happy, it makes it too easy to lose the productivity. So my tip: keep your chat count at the optimal level. :)

Kei was right, having a lot of chats does make us happy, but it makes us happier if the active users of our group chat application use Fleep to boost their productivity rather than let it create an extra layer of distractions. Stories such as Kei has about her startup are not your usual ones and we’re very happy she decided to share this with us! But this is not the only story from our users, if you’d like to get more stories like this in the future as well, feel free to follow us on Twitter (#fleepstories) or Facebook and check out the rest of the stories.