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Describes the state of the account.

new - email has been registered but is goodness is unknown
active - user has stored a password and can participate
banned - user has been banned for some unacceptable activity
closed - user has requested this account to be closed


Different messages that may come up in our message flow

text - text message written by user
email - message send over email
separator - taskboard separator
create - conversation created.
add - listed members were added to the conversation. Message: members = <list of account_id's>
leave - when member left the conversation
kick - when member is removed from conversation
topic - when someone changed conversation topic. Message:  topic = <topic>
alerts - alert level (never, default)
disclose - user disclosed previous content to members
hook - user created hook for the conversation
unhook - user dropped hook from the conversation
add_team - new team added to the conversation
kick_team - team removed from the conversation
hangout - hangout video call was created
separator - taskboard separator
replace - member replcaced email with alternate email
share - auto join url was enabled for conversation
unshare - auto join url was disabled for conversation
autojoin - member used auto join url to join
delfile - obsolete file delete message


Alerting level for conversation.

never - do not alert for this conversation
default - default behaviour


Notification emails for the user.

default - default behaviour is email participation
daily - email notifications only
never - no emails at all ever


Push notifications on new messages.

first - push first new message per conversation only (default)
all - push all new messages

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