File management



Upload one or more files. File upload url-s can be used in message API calls message/store and message/send as attachments parameter.


URL arguments:

    ticket              - access ticket
    _method = None      - optional, if "PUT", POST is treated as PUT

POST + multipart/form-data:

    files               - input field for files

    Content-Type, Content-Disposition are taken from subsection header.


    Content-Type, Content-Disposition are taken from main header.


files - array of:
    file_id             text                - file id
    upload_url          text                - file upload url
    name                text                - file name
    size                bigint              - file size
    width               integer             - width of picture
    height              integer             - height of picture
    is_animated         bool                - is animated picture
    file_type           text                - file mime type
    file_sha256         text                - file hash



Add file into Fleep from an external source. Maximum allowed file size is 1GB. Upload request is put into queue and processed by a background job. Upload progress events are sent to the client during the upload process, see UploadInfo for more details.


file_url            text
file_name           text
file_size           bigint = 0      - max 1073741824
file_origin         text = None     - from where the file originates (Dropbox, Google Drive, Giphy, ...)
conversation_id     uuid = None     - needed, if file is related to a conversation
upload_id           text = None     - upload id in client side


request_id          uuid            - unique upload id (not the same as file_id)

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