Making Fleep easier with Google

This post is for all of you out there that are using the perks of a Google account. We’ve been busy making your life easier and we’re now ready to introduce two new features that simplify the use of Fleep.

signin-w-googleSign in with Google
Signing in to Fleep should be quick and simple, like taking a breath of air. This easy-peasy experience is now just one button-click away with the new Sign in with Google option available now when you sign in to Fleep. Make your life easier, use your Google account credentials instead!

import-contactsImport more contacts from Google
Also, as ridiculous as complicated sign-in processes are you might be thinking why you should user e-mail if you could use Fleep instead with the people you communicate with every day? As we don’t see much sense in that either, we’d like to help you import your Google contacts into Fleep with just a few clicks! Open Fleep, choose “Manage contacts” from the drop-down menu and choose to Import more contacts from Google.

You are now ready to say “Hello!” to your freshly added friends in Fleep. Enjoy!