Meet Fleep, our namesake in the real world

How odd is it that when a little start-up blip on the map appears named Fleep, another human being after 10+ years in the world wearing the same nickname also shows up amazed beyond her mind that we have come up with the same name for our app? We’d consider it pretty odd and pretty great at the same time as well! Who knew!?


Felicia wearing her new Fleep T-shirt!

Meet Felicia Weigel from US, she’s been called Fleep since her childhood, a unique nickname that has served her so well all through the years and here we are now… unconsciously making waves in the world-wide web with her name instead of her!

We met her through Fleep Support chat after making our initial round of introduction: “This is so strange to me… My nickname is Fleep- has been for decades! Actually the whole nickname is fleepyear, and have been called fleep, fleepy, and Fleeps for equally as long. I am not sure I fully understand what my namesake app does… But you are clearly welcome to my nickname! I have enjoyed being a fleep, just never thought it would be an issue…”

There’s no question whether she fits into our Fleep app world, she does. She’s now a part of our extended family. Maybe it’s just destiny showing us the light. Maybe it was all meant to happen. We were so surprised to have found out about her that we couldn’t just her leave empty-handed.

Hence why Felicia’s wearing the not so random Fleep T-shirt on this picture that we sent to her as a sign of appreciation. We simply thought it’s the perfect tribute to her and the fact that we’ve hijacked her lifelong nickname…

Thanks Felicia, for sharing Fleep with us and the people around you! We couldn’t be prouder. :)