Get your game face on! – Avatars in Fleep

They say a picture says more than thousand words. Our imagination is a powerful tool but it always adds a little extra flare when you can actually see the person that’s on the other end of the screen. Having a profile picture also lets you showcase your personality, share visual jokes as well as just make things more interesting.

With the latest web, iPhone and Android update we’ve made avatars visible in the conversation flow. With the new look and feel of Fleep the avatars make it easier to grasp the boundaries between different messages.

avatars in fleep

How to setup, add or remove avatars?

For web, Mac and Windows client users: Go to Account Settings > Account profile. If you do not have an avatar yet, you can just upload one from your computer by hovering your mouse over the placeholder and then clicking on ‘Upload’:

upload avatar

Once you’ve added a picture, you can chnage or delete it any time by hovering your mouse over the picture in your Account settings and clicking on the respective button:

change avatar

As the avatar is stored in the cloud, the picture you choose will show up as your avatar on every device you’re using Fleep on.

avatars in Fleep

Changing avatar in Fleep for iPhone


For iPhone users: In the Fleep app for iPhone, click on the menu icon (three stripes, i.e. ‘burger’ menu icon) to find Settings within the app. There, click on ‘Your Profile’. Here, you can upload a photo by clicking on the ‘Change’ button on your avatar or placeholder avatar.


avatar in fleep

Setting an avatar in the Fleep Android app

For Android users: In the Fleep app for Android, click on the menu icon (three stripes, i.e. ‘burger’ menu icon) to find Settings within the app. There, click on ‘Your Profile’. Here, tap on the picture (or if there’s no picture, on the avatar space) – a popup will appear where you can choose to take a new photo, choose a picture from your photo gallery or delete your avatar (if you have one).

So… now that you know how to setup your Fleep avatar it’s time to get your game face on and start Fleeping! If you have any questions or your creativity sparks a new feature request, then don’t hesitate to ping us via Fleep Support or via our social channels (Twitter, Facebook). We’re all ears when it comes to feedback!