Fleep in compact view

Fleep in compact view

Fleep in compact view is a feature we developed because of the feedback we got. One of our users told us: “Ugh, why does Fleep need to be all over my screen? I’d rather keep it on one side of my desktop so that it’s always in sight when someone pings me…”

Making people feel comfortable with Fleep is definitely a cause that’s well worth spending time on it. And voila, that’s how we got into the compact view business. After playing around with all the puzzle pieces we can now proudly present… Fleep in a smaller scale, just the way you like it!

Why is Fleep in compact view so cool?

Actually, there are a few interesting benefits to having Fleep in a compact and down-scalable form. Firstly, it helps you keep up with what’s going on in Fleep, but not get disturbed by it or consumed by it being all over the screen. This is especially beneficial to people working with large screens!

Secondly, this change melts our mobile and browser versions together. If you’re using Fleep on a smartphone or iPad that does not yet have a native app you can use Fleep in a browser instead. As the contents of the page resize itself based on your screen resolution the experience itself is not much different from using Fleep on an iPhone or Android phone. It brings together all the best of Fleep in a browser in a small-scale form.

So, in what order does Fleep small-scale itself?

The logic behind the new responsive design in this Fleep version is quite straightforward. We go from hiding the least used items into a view that has the most important bits included – your current chats and their content. Once you start to collapse Fleep, the first thing to close will be the right-pane that includes Conversation search, File Drawer, Pinboards, Members, Conversation settings and Help extended panes. Instead we leave you with the smaller icons on the right side of the screen that you can open at any time.

So, while the Fleep app looks like this by default:

Fleep app

To see Fleep in compact view, all you need to do is make the window narrow – and the left pane disappears to give you a compact view:

fleep in compact view

All conversations in compact view

fleep in compact view

A Fleep conversation in compact view

Navigating in compact Fleep is similar to mobile clients. When you have a conversation open, the arrow in the top-left corner navigates to the All conversations view. The small plus-sign button in the top-right corner of the All conversations view allows you to create a new conversation.

We hope you enjoy the compact view of Fleep! Whenever you have questions, don’t hesitate to ping us via Fleep Support chat or to reach out via social channels (Twitter, Facebook). We’re all ears when it comes to feedback!