Knowledge is now just a click away

Fleep Knoweldgebase launch, where can I ask for help and support?In our minds, Fleep is really clean and simple. And 100 percent confusion-free. But that’s probably a really nice illusion. So if you’ve ever been in trouble or have had a question about Fleep you could easily have a casual chat with Henn via Fleep Support.

Today, we’re proud to launch our first iteration of Fleep Knowledgebase!

Over the next few weeks we will be adding more providing more information about Fleep on mobile clients (Android & iPhone) and How-To videos. Many of the articles will be based upon feedback from you, our users, so please be vocal about the things that you wish to know about more.

This is just the beginning and you are a big part of it. So make sure to rate the quality of the articles and submit your own requests if something is unclear. You can still continue to ping us via our social channels (Twitter, Facebook) or in the Fleep Support conversation as well. We’re always happy to help and keep that #feedback coming in.