What’s all the fiddling on the left pane about?

Fleep, caht for teams and businesses, left pane changes with clone, star and snoozeOur last two weeks in Fleep have been a little hectic. We’ve been working on making the left pane more powerful for our users. Our active users might have noticed the changes already last week, but the final round of changes for the time being went out yesterday. For now, we’re done fiddling around with the left pane and would be glad to get some feedback from you as well about the new things that were added and changed on the left pane.

So, what’s new?

Fleep, chat for teams and businesses, application left paneOk, first off we now display your full conversations list on the left pane and the most active ones are now added to the top of the list. We felt that this gives a much better user experience than the previous iteration we had because with the previous one it was quite easy to miss new conversations. Sure, you guys had more power over the left pane – you could remove chats from there that you had already dealt with – but for some the situation was vice versa. By not removing some of the conversations the new ones ended up outside the scrollable view and that made it easy to miss chats. Furthermore, having to go and find some of the old but not so active chats from the All conversation list forced you to do more unnecessary clicks.

Another fairly good reasoning to this change was the fact that we wanted to synchronize the Fleep experience across all devices where Fleep is supported, mobiles and tablets included.

You snooze you lose, or not?


The good news is that we’ve also added some new functionality – the Snooze feature, which allows you to Snooze a conversation that’s not relevant right at this moment for 2 hours by default (or longer if you repeat the action) and will trigger a notification after the time is up by bringing this conversation back into your Left pane view.

Edit [06/05/15]: Snooze feature has been renamed to Mute and combined together with the previous conversation setting to turn off all notifications. Read more here.

You can star your conversations now!

fleep-leftpane-star-unstarIn the previous left pane iteration you were the only one that decided which conversations make it to your left pane and which ones won’t. To continue supporting that approach we’ve added a new option to Star a conversation which keeps it at the top of your list until you decide to Unstar it.

This solves the problem of having to go look for specific chats you’re not always active in and also allows you to favorite a conversation just to remind yourself that you need to deal with something that’s still ongoing in it.

New conversation filter

Fleep, chat for teams and business, left pane quick filterTo avoid spending time in the good old All conversations list we’ve also added a separate Filter for conversations onto the left pane. This will allow you to do quick filtering of conversations in the maze we now call left pane and find a chat that you haven’t lately been so active in or would like to converse in.

What else do we have in store, what’s upcoming?

To avoid any further surprises we’d like to assure you that this is not the last you’ve seen changing on the left pane. We’ll continue to improve the conversations quick access and at the glance overview of the left pane.

As usual, in case you have any questions or feedback for us, find us via our social channels (Twitter, Facebook) or ping us in the Fleep Support conversation.