Video calling in Fleep with help from Google Hangouts

Oh joy, gone are the days when you needed one application for your team chat and another one for audio or video calls. Now there is video calling in Fleep, with a Google Hangouts integration!

Are there any requirements to using Google Hangouts?

Yes, let’s get through the nitty-gritty bits first. To use and create Google Hangouts you will need a Google account. Even though Google Hangouts can only be created from the web, on Windows or Mac client you can join and be part of them from all the Fleep supported platforms. To take part in the calls on your mobile you also need to have the Google Hangouts app before you join the calls.

How can I create a Google Hangout?

You can easily create a new Google Hangout session when you click on the + sign and then choose Start video call from the menu that appears.

team chat

This will initiate a new system message in the conversation flow which includes the Google Hangout video call link. Other members of the conversation can join your video call by clicking on the JOIN link in the system message, regardless if they’re using Fleep on the mobile app or on the desktop:

video calling in Fleep

audio call Fleep

If you have any questions about this new integration don’t hesitate to ping us via Fleep Support or via our social channels (Twitter, Facebook).