Hurray, Fleep ID has arrived!



I have important news to share with you – today we are launching Fleep ID. This is the next step in our mission to replace email conversations. Fleep ID is your identity in Fleep and when messaging over email. It contains your user chosen name and the domain For example a user called Alfred could claim the Fleep ID

We are launching Fleep ID to make it easier for you to share your contacts with others. As Fleep ID is email compatible you can share it with anyone, whether they want to reach you in Fleep or through email. Also, all the messages from you to email participants will now include your Fleep ID as a sender, previously we auto-generated it from your email address, which wasn’t pretty and could be confusing.

You can choose your Fleep ID in your Account Profile. It can be whatever you like as long it hasn’t been assigned to someone else, is between 6 to 30 characters and contains allowed characters.
Once assigned, your Fleep ID is shown to others in your Contact Profile, your email addresses will continue to work as a way to add you into Fleep conversation. Same with sign in – you can use your Fleep ID or any email attached to your account.

In parallel with implementing Fleep ID we have made several improvements to Fleep email integration. Here are some important ones:

  • Incoming emails are now mapped to Fleep conversation by membership, not by email subject. So if you receive two emails from John with two different subjects we post them into Fleep conversation with John. It’s the same with group emails, emails from Mary to you and Paul are posted into Fleep conversations between Mary, you and Paul. We did this as we saw that mapping emails by Subject created too many unnecessary new conversations. This mapping logic should keep the number of conversations smaller and make it easier to maintain your focus.
  • Subject lines are now in conversations. Conversations where there is at least one email participant we show in the message entry box also Subject field. This is auto-filled with last Subject, but you can change it before posting your reply.
  • Spam reporting is now possible. We are doing our best to filter spam out from incoming emails, but in case something gets through to you there is now the ability to report messages as spam. This hides message from the conversation and lets us to improve our spam filtering system.

With this launch, Fleep email integration moves to a new level. Next time when you are about to press “Compose“ or “New email“ in your email client – I’d encourage you to create a new Fleep conversation instead and see how much easier it is to follow and participate in the conversation.

I hope you like this change and use Fleep even more for communication with those who are not on Fleep yet. Let me know if you have any questions or feedback. Tomorrow, 15th of April, we’re holding a launch webinar. You’re welcome to join if you want to know more about the background on why we launched Fleep ID and where we’re heading.

Co-Founder & CEO of Fleep