Fleep features released in 2016

fleep product update It’s the end of the year. So, it’s time for a quick round-up of what we released this year to make Fleep the best project messenger there is. Just follow the links to read more about any specific feature or launch!

Without further ado, here are the features we added to Fleep in 2016:

  • Custom email domain support – this was the major feature launch that kicked off the year for us. It lets you connect your email with Fleep so you can use your custom email domain to send and receive emails in Fleep.
  • Labels 2.0 – this update to labels allows you to organize your conversations with labels in many ways. You can separate email conversations from Fleep-Fleep conversations, 1:1 conversations from group conversations, configure whether conversations with any particular label are shown in Recent, and so on. The opportunities are pretty much endless!
  • Forward message action – a super handy feature for those cases where you want to forward a message from one conversation to another. Saves a ton of clicks that you’d otherwise do with Quote or Copy message.
  • Bulk actions – a pretty straightforward feature, which lets you select multiple conversations and apply one of the following actions: mark read, archive, delete, add and remove members.
  • Microsoft sign in – similarly to the option to Sign in to Fleep with your Google account, you can sign into Fleep with your Microsoft account.
  • Fleep Teams – this was the second big launch of 2016. Fleep teams help you manage your team communication. Whether you just work with a team from your own company, or have a cross-organizational project team – or both! – Fleep teams make it easier for you to manage and organize the conversations you have with your teams.
  • Email list behavior – this feature was built to enhance the Fleep email integration. In practice, email list behavior makes the email integration of Fleep work in a more predictable and clear way. When enabled, the conversation behaves like an email list for all email participants (people who are not Fleep users and have been included in the conversation with their email address). For Fleep users, there’s almost no difference to the experience – only it prevents email replies from creating new conversations in Fleep.
  • Enhancements to core functionality of Fleep – options to add Fleep users to conversations as an email participant, search improvements, to export message history per conversation, and improved conversation creation logic.
  • Switch from Fleep emoticons to emoji and Fleep emoticons support – we introduced emoji support in Fleep, and also kept our very special Fleep emoticons. You can just choose which ever you prefer to use in your account preferences!
  • New integrations – Yes, in 2016 we also developed a bunch of new integrations, some of them more practical, others more fun. They were: outgoing webhooks, IFTTT integration, Slack integration, Giphy integration, and OneDrive integration.

Fleep features

What’s next?

We have a couple of things brewing for you… We’re currently working on Fleep for Business, which will introduce administrative features to Fleep. Additionally, we are planning some improvements to Fleep Tasks, Fleep Teams and the Fleep email integration. Stay tuned!

We hope you like the direction we’re going in. If you have any questions or feedback, don’t hesitate to contact us at support@fleep.io. Let’s also stay in touch through our social media channels. We’re on TwitterFacebookLinkedIn and Instagram.