Fleep has a customized webhook for Bitbucket in the cloud (bitbucket.org) to receive updates into a Fleep conversation about the changes in your Bitbucket repository.

Follow these steps to setup your Bitbucket integration in Fleep:

  1. Create the conversation where you want to receive all your Bitbucket updates.
  2. In that conversation open Conversation Settings > Integrations and click on the Add button and then Create on the next popup window to generate a new hook for Bitbucket integration.
    bitbucket fleep
    bitbucket 2
  3. Copy the hook URL from the Active integrations list that opens up in Fleep.
    bitbucket fleep
  4. Log into Bitbucket, select your repository and click on Settings.
    4. select repo and open Settings
  5. In Settings, select Webhooks and click on Add webhook.
    Bitbucket integration
  6. In the view that appears, fill the fields (including the Hook URL you copied from Fleep) and hit Save.
    bitbucket repo
  7. And you’re done!
    bitbucket integration done