Fleep has a customized webhook for Bitbucket Server (on-premises) to receive updates into a Fleep conversation about the changes in your Bitbucket repository.

Follow these steps to setup your Bitbucket integration in Fleep:

  1. Create the conversation where you want to receive all your Bitbucket updates.
  2. In that conversation open Conversation Settings > Integrations and click on the Add button and then Create on the next popup window to generate a new hook for Bitbucket integration.
    bitbucket fleep
    bitbucket 2
  3. Copy the hook URL from the Active integrations list that opens up in Fleep.
    bitbucket fleep
  4. Log in to Bitbucket and from the Projects list select a project.
    4 - select a project
  5. From the Repositories list select a repository.
    5 - select a repository
  6. Open Settings.
    6 - open settings
  7. Select Hooks from the Workflow section.
    7 select hooks
  8. Select Post-Receive WebHooks from the Post receive section (make sure it’s enabled – green on the right). If you don’t see the Post-Receive WebHooks, follow steps 8.a-8.e.
    8 select post-receive webhooks
    Skip steps 8.a-8.e if you were able to select Post-Receive WebHooks.

    • 8.a If you didn’t see the Post-Receive WebHooks under Post receive, click on the Add hook button
      8 click add hook
    • 8.b Now, click on Search.
      8 click search
    • 8.c In the Atlassian Marketplace for Bitbucket, find the add-on called Bitbucket Server Web Post Hooks Plugin (by Atlassian Labs) and click Install
      8 click install
    • 8.d. If the installation was successful, you will see a popup that says you’re Ready to go – close it.
      8 installed
    • 8.e Now, you can select Post-Receive Webhooks from the Post receive section. Make sure it’s enabled – green on the right. Refresh the browser if necessary.
      8 select post-receive webhooks
  9. Paste the Hook URL from Fleep into the text box and hit Save.
    9 paste url and click save
  10. Done! You should now get notifications about push events.