Slack integration via webhook

Fleep has a customized webhook for Slack so you can connect any Slack channel with any Fleep conversation. Once set up, the Slack integration will send all messages* posted to the Slack channel to the connected Fleep conversation and vice versa.

Follow the following steps to set up your Slack integration. When you have completed Steps 2-8, all messages posted to the Fleep conversation will also show up in the Slack channel you have connected. Steps 9-12 ensure that when messages are posted to the Slack channel, they will also be sent to the conversation in Fleep.

1. Create or choose the Fleep conversation and Slack channel you wish to connect.
2. In Slack, click on Add an app or integration to navigate to Slack’s apps.

Slack add integration

In the window that opens, click on Build (in the top-right corner) and then the Start Building button.

Slack integrationSlack integration

3. Here, a popup will appear prompting you to give the integration a name and choose for which Slack team you are creating this integration. When done, click on Create App.

Create an app

4. Next, choose Incoming Webhooks from the Add features and functionality section.

incoming webhooks

Now, click the on/off toggle to Activate Incoming Webhooks

activate incoming webhooks

In the bottom part of the page, click on Add New Webhook to Team.

add new incoming webhook

5. Now you have to choose the channel you wish to connect, and click on Authorize to continue.


6. Copy the Webhook URL from the bottom part of the page and open Fleep.

copy webhook URL

7. In the Fleep conversation you wish to connect, open Conversation Settings > Integrations and click on the Add button below Slack:

slack integration
8. Now you will need the Incoming Webhook URL from Slack. In the popup that appears in Fleep, click on Edit next to the Outgoing URL. Paste the WebHook URL you copied from Slack to this field and hit Save:

slack integration
Then click on Create to generate a hook for the Slack integration. Now you have successfully set up the first part of the integration – messages posted into that Fleep conversation will also show up in the connected Slack channel!

9. Next, copy the Incoming URL in Fleep:

slack integration

10. Open the Slack App Directory, search for and click on Outgoing WebHooks.

Slack outgoing webhooks

In the next view, click on the Add Configuration button.

Slack outgoing webhooks

11. Now, click on Add Outgoing WebHooks integration.

add outgoing webhooks

12. Scroll down to Integration Settings. Choose the channel, and now you will need the Incoming URL from Fleep (Step 9). Paste the URL to the URL(s) section in the Integration Settings:

slack integration

Customize the Webhook if you wish, and hit Save Settings. You’re done! All messages posted to the Slack channel will now also show up in the Fleep conversation and vice versa.For example, Ben here is posting into the Slack channel (left), while Mary is sending messages through Fleep:

slack integration

* Any files posted into the connected Slack conversation will not be sent to the respective Fleep conversations, and neither will any of the associated comments attached to the file.
** All files posted into the connected conversation in Fleep will be sent as links to the Slack conversation – and are only accessible if the person has a Fleep accounr that has been added to the Fleep conversation.