Fleep has an integration with Trello to receive updates from Trello cards and lists in a Fleep conversation.

Use the Trello integration to send updates from any one Trello board to the Fleep conversation where you set it up. The updates include any changes to the lists and cards on your board, and are sent as notification messages to Fleep. You can configure one or several Trello boards per conversation, and you can use a different Trello account in different Fleep conversations, if you wish.

Follow these steps to set up your Trello integration:

  1. First, choose a conversation (or create a new one) that will have the feed of Trello updates flowing in. In that conversation, find Integrations in the Conversation Settings, and click on Add below Trello.
  2. A popup will appear – here, choose Connect with Trello to proceed.
    Trello integration
  3. Next, you will need to allow Fleep to use your Trello account (if you’re not logged in to your Trello account, you will be prompted to do that first). Click on Allow to continue.
    Fleep Trello
  4. Now, you are prompted to choose the Trello board you wish to receive notifications from. Once chosen, click Create.
    Trello Fleep
    Congrats, you’re done! You and all other members of the conversation will now be able to see the updates in the conversation, like this:
    Fleep Trello