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Fleep combines team chat and email into one messenger
for hassle-free communications.

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Meet Fleep
The next generation messenger designed to make your life easier by empowering you to chat without boundaries and work smarter.
It merges emails and messages, and groups them together with relevant files. Fleep channels everything you need into one place.
In Fleep you can search easily, highlight the important bits, and even see when your messages have been read by others.
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Works with email

Fleep is the only messenger that works in perfect synergy with email. You can send and receive messages in Fleep as you would in your email client. You can either connect Fleep with your Gmail, link with your existing email account or just use your address to send emails from Fleep.

Take it with you

Fleep doesn’t discriminate against devices! You can use it on PC or Mac, Android or iPhone. All you need is an internet connection. Your files and messages, pinned notes and history are always kept in sync and in the cloud on all the devices so Fleep is always ready and available when you need it.

Focus on what matters

Great communication tools enhance collaboration with features that make working together easier.
In Fleep, all conversations have a Pinboard for important notes, a Taskboard for to-do lists and a File Drawer for shared files. With these and many other features, Fleep enables powerful collaboration and effective communication.

Being able to manage both team chat and email communication in one place has been amazing. Also, the auto-mute feature has changed my life.

Devin De Frisco, CEO at

Fleep allows us to communicate between teams and offices seamlessly, whether at our desktop or on mobile. This helps bring collaboration to a whole new level.

Will Yoder, Digital Lead at Octagon

For me Fleep brings together the three components of successful client communication: email, project management software and instant messaging. All your client communications can now live in one place, searchable and easy to access.

Paul Boag, Founder of

Email is dated, cluttered and not an ideal environment for modern day creativity and project organisation but since using Fleep I have had a much more positive experience both with clients and the projects.

Suleiman Leadbitter, Web Designer

We have used Fleep for a couple of months. It has now replaced our legacy IRC, Skype chat and reduced internal mails. It rocks!

Anton Stonor, Chief Technology Officer at Headnet

Fleep is our everyday communication channel - Spiders weave cobwebs in our regular mailbox. There are opportunities for making improvements, possibilities for forming different groups, transferring files and for repeating important information. This fast and easy to use, convenient and spam-free environment is perfect for us!

Kaspar Põllu, Designer and Katrin Maal, Assistant at the Department of Design in Bink Creations

We got together on Fleep and have formed a group called Valworks. We now create a variety of products through discussions on Fleep.

Shun Takeyama, Developer at Valworks

Fleep provides the easiest form of communication that does not force you to talk in real-time or overload you with endless email threads. And it works great on mobile!

Mihkel Torim, Corporate Financier at Superia; Mentor at Seedcamp and StartupBootcamp Fintech

Nice! Keep going, I like the product and your team seems awesome! Fleep has helped me to focus on the content of a communication, not the way I'm delivering it.

Pierre-Baptiste Béchu, Tech Magician at Cineticks

Our tech team has stopped using emails because of Fleep as they find it thousand times more efficient.

Angam Parashar, Co-Founder at ParallelDots

Fleep has completely replaced emails for me. Mission accomplished.

Simon Vaillancourt, Business & Tax Consultant at Freedom Surfer

Fleep is everything one needs to run a startup team. Even internationally and remotely. Love it!

Kaidi Ruusalepp, CEO & Founder at Funderbeam

Skype chat fell silent and email volume dropped harder than dubstep. #thedayfleepcametotown

Villu Arak, Founder at General Specifics

E-mail is a mess. Fleep is a simple tool that clears this mess up and helps to organize your multiple discussion streams in an elegant way!

Mait Müntel, Founder at Lingvist

Our law firm's timesheets now also include Fleeping, not just Skyping.

Anne Veerpalu, Senior Associate at GLIMSTEDT