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Your files and messages. Always in sync. On all devices.

Team communication is now a simple, common-sense thing. Make it yours.

We love our users. And they love us back.


The heart of Fleep. This is where your team conversations shine.

Chat histories? Always in sync, securely stored in the cloud. You can even add non-users to chats by their email address. Until they join Fleep, they see the conversation as an email thread.


Chats grow fast. Fishing for someone’s wise words in an ocean of chat? Ugh.

Instead, pin important messages to the side so everyone can see and edit them. Task lists, meeting notes, important links, etc.

File Drawer

As with messages, trawling for files in a long conversation wastes your life.

In Fleep, all photos and documents have a nice clean drawer on the side tab, next to the conversation flow.

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