Fleep API & integrations

Fleep offers several ways for integration, this page gives an overview of them starting from the simplest and moving to the more complex integrations:

Find out how to direct information into Fleep with the help of webhooks.
History import via webhook
Find out how to import and post old message histories into Fleep
JIRA integration via webhook
Create a customized webhook to receive updates into a Fleep conversation when JIRA issues are created or modified.
GitHub integration via webhook
Create a customized webhook to receive updates into Fleep conversations about the changes in your GitHub repo
Fleep API
To send or receive messages from Fleep conversations to your system you can integrate this via the web API.

Examples & References

EchoBot (GitHub)

  • Description: Java sample that shows basic usage of Fleep API.
  • Author: Oliver Meus, Fleep Android developer
Demo.py (GitHub)

  • Description: A Python script that logs into the application, finds the right Fleep conversation and posts a message into it.
  • Author: Marko Kreen, Fleep Backend developer
Hubot adapter for Fleep (GitHub)

  • Description: Enables to add a Hubot bot to Fleep conversations.
  • Author: Ando “David” Roots, Fleep user

  • Description: An unofficial Fleep client for Windows Phone 8.1.
  • Author: ChillWare, Fleep user
Twitter2Fleep (GitHub)

  • Description: A simple tool that forwards (selected) tweets to Fleep conversations.
  • Author: @WanCW, Fleep user
FleepIRC (GitHub)

  • Description: IRC and Fleep integration. The current version (fleep.py) is using URL hooks (IRC to Fleep) to deliver messages into Fleep conversations.
  • Author: Henrik Pihl, Fleep user