Fleep Quarterly: Review of Q2 and plans for Q3 (2015)

Hooray – the first half of 2015 is behind us and Summer is finally here! In the beginning of July, we made our plans for the third quarter and, as usual, I’d like to share them with you. But first, let’s review how we did last quarter, Q2 :)

Looking back to what we achieved in Q2, between April – June, I would call out:

  • Unlimited conversation history – You spoke and we listened! In case you didn’t notice, we decided to change our strategy regarding conversation history, and from June 9 all Fleep users have unlimited access to all of their messages and files! Forever! Enjoy :)
  • Tasks – We’ve been rolling out the Tasks feature slooowly over several quarters. I believe we made Tasks available in desktop clients at the end of 2014 already, without any big announcements. Now,we have built Tasks into our Android and iPhone apps as well, which completes the feature. Go ahead and give it a try! At Fleep, we use Tasks for all of our product development tasks and bugs and we love it :) It keeps us on track and holds people responsible! (P.S. We also have a “My Taskboard” feature in the backlog – this means that very soon, you’ll be able to see all tasks assigned to you, from across all conversations, in one place!)
  • Pinboard sorting – Many of you have said you’d like to be able to reorder pinned messages – and now you can! As with Tasks, you can just grab the pinned messages and reorder them on the pinboard. Additionally, when you have many long messages on the pinboard, we autocollapse long ones – and you can expand them any time.
  • HTML emails support – Now you see newsletters and other emails with rich formatting in Fleep as you would see them in your email client. As Fleep groups emails into a Fleep conversation by the sender address, then newsletters or notifications from the same sender are mapped nicely into one conversation, which you can rename or label as you like.
  • New integration – This quarter, we released an integration with Sameroom. If you have some conversations in Skype or Slack for example, then Sameroom allows you to have these conversations without running these programs. Sameroom makes sure the messages in these external conversations run into Fleep and that your replies are posted back into Skype or Slack (or other messengers that Sameroom supports). It’s almost like you were in the same room!
  • Conversation history export – This is a useful feature if you’d like to have a backup archive of your Fleep conversation history. We create conversation history files in two formats – HTML and JSON.

As our plans for Q2 were a little bit too ambitious, then making plans fro Q3 was quite easy :) In the third quarter of 2015, we will be focusing mainly on completing email integration and team management features. More specifically:

  • Gmail integration – Soon, you’ll be able to fetch incoming emails from your Gmail account into Fleep, so you’ll get all of your existing conversations immediately into Fleep.
  • Send emails with your existing email address – Many of you have said that while you like having a Fleep ID, sometimes it’s necessary to send outgoing emails with your current email identity, be it your gmail address or your own domain. Coming soon!
  • Bulk actions for conversations – This was already in the plans for Q1 and in Q2 – being able to add / remove members, add / remove labels etc to multiple conversations in one go, instead of doing this one by one for each conversation.
  • Team management – This is kind of big. The team management feature will enable you to create “teams”. Once you’ve created a team, you no longer need to add team members to any conversation one by one, but you’ll be able to add the whole team at once. If at some point you make changes in the team, membership in all of the related team conversations is adjusted automatically. So, adding a new team member into all relevant conversations or removing someone becomes a one-click action :)
  • Dropbox & Google Drive integrations – These integrations will make it possible to post files into Fleep conversations directly from your Dropbox or Google Drive folders!

I hope you like the direction we are moving in! If you have any questions or feedback, please let us know :)