Top 5 Best Customer Experience Software for 2021

Why is a good customer experience software solution important for your business? It is because research studies indicate that customer experience is the vital differentiator between top companies and ordinary ones. Leading firms show the willingness to go beyond the call of duty to make their customers happy. From e-commerce giants to small cafes in the street, all businesses benefit from an enhanced customer experience.

So, which customer experience app should you choose among the plenty of available ones in the market? We make your choice easier by detailing the key benefits and features offered by the top 5 customer feedback solutions in the market this year.

Leading 5 Customer Experience Software in 2021

1. piHappiness


piHappiness is a pioneering system in this field and it enables you to capture customer feedback accurately. It is a complete real-time survey and customer experience management platform that precisely collects vital consumer insights. This application deploys several metrics including feedback reasons and categories, single and multiple questionnaires, emoticons, and NPS (Net Promoter Score) to gather customer satisfaction levels.

piHappiness works equally well on Windows, iOS, and Android platforms. Plus, it supports over 90 languages. You can use its robust analytics tools and customizable reports to efficiently resolve concerns and enhance the customer experience.

With piHappiness customer experience software, you can collect consumer opinions using multiple channels and devices including web surveys, automated kiosks, iPads, and tablets. Further, real-time notifications and alerts assist to track consumer trends and resolve problems while the customer is still on the business premises. The solution’s location comparison reports assist to compare consumer feedback across the different branches and locations of a large enterprise.

With piHappiness, you can cultivate customer loyalty towards your product and brand that will ensure your consumers stay with you and give you their business for a long time.

Pricing: Free trial, Basic at $49.99/ month, Premium at $99.99/ month, Premium+ at $149.99/ month. Corporates, contact piHappiness!

2. AskNicely


AskNicely is an ideal customer experience app if your goal is to enable your consumers to provide their feedback in an easy and discreet manner. It enables you to collect real-time user feedback that you can utilize to drive referrals and customer retention. Based on the NPS framework, you can ask the software to send a basic two-question survey to your consumers. Participants can reply with a single tap and this ensures you get a good response rate. The solution helps you to listen to your users in real-time and catch and resolve their concerns before they churn and give negative online reviews about your product and brand.

Pricing: Request for Pricing at

3. Wootrics


Wootric is another NPS system that can help your company improve its customer experience management. With this software, you can deploy NPS surveys in your mobile and web apps to measure consumer sentiment. The solution helps you to assess activating promoters and enhance loyalty and retention. Its other important features are automated surveys and the capability to conduct A/B tests on customer happiness. Wootric segments NPS results and delivers one NPS view across all mobile and web apps to save time. The platform also provides free NPS tracking and unlimited surveys.

Pricing: Free version available, Essential at $89, Pro at $224, Enterprise – contact Wootric.

4. SurveyMonkey


SurveyMonkey is a customer experience software that enables you to use your CRM application to launch online survey projects for purposes such as a quick poll or market research. It permits you to customize your web-based surveys according to your target audience. This NPS program offers convenient features to help you easily gather, assess, and deliver action on your feedback insights.

With SurveyMonkey, you can conduct personalized surveys on multiple channels. The system enables you to reach consumers while they are open and receptive. From important driver analysis to industry benchmarks, you can identify aspects that require improvement so you can power your organization to achieve enhanced results.

Pricing: Team advantage at 30 € / user / month, Team Premier at 75 € / user / month.

5. QuestionPro

questionproQuestionPro is a robust customer experience app and online survey application that helps you make data-driven and informed business decisions. The platform is simple to use and provides features to easily create and distribute quizzes, forms, polls, and surveys, and analyze online feedback captured from them. Further, you can completely personalize the survey experience for your target audience.

QuestionPro can automatically identify the type of device utilized by the user and reformat the question and design type to fit each device’s screen. This means even matrix questions can be shown and answered on mobile phones. The matrix is transformed into drop-down lists, removing the requirement to scroll across the device screen.

Pricing: Free version available, Professional at $15/month and Corporate at $75/month.

There are many tools that didn’t make the list. As online customer experience is a relatively new category, and it’s constantly evolving, we look forward to seeing how it evolves! Follow Fleep on Twitter and Facebook to keep an eye on our news and updates!

“Top 5 Best Customer Experience Software in 2021

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