Fleep Quarterly: Review of Q2 and plans for Q3 (2018)

Another quarter has passed, which means it’s time to review what got done in Q2 and take a look at what are the Fleep product plans for Q3 of 2018.

First off, a review of what we built in Q2 of 2018:

  • My tasks — we finished the development of My tasks functionality cross platforms, and we also went through beta testing. Based on the feedback, we started some further development to add functionality to My tasks before its launch (which is why we haven’t released it yet… thanks for your patience!). More on the added functionalities under the product plans for Q3!
  • Make join URLs great again on mobile — joining conversations, teams, organizations via a URL is now a breeze on mobile browsers. This was long overdue, but better late than never!
  • Mobile browser onboarding — we made it possible to sign up to Fleep in the mobile web browser (instead of an instant redirect to the mobile apps). This means signing up to Fleep is way more delightful on all mobile browsers.
  • Reply to a specific message action in email conversations — for those of you who are managing your emails in Fleep, we built the option to Reply to any previous email message. Simply find the “Reply” action in the message actions in the message flow! (Desktop-only at the moment.)
    Read more in this blog post.
  • Show last email message quote in message flow and message entry box — in an effort to make it more transparent how email conversations work, we now show all quoted messages and email signatures (including your own!) in the conversation. This makes it more clear what is send out in email conversations (i.e. what’s included in the quote etc.). By default, these are hidden behind a [...] button, which will toggle to show / hide the quoted information. (Desktop-only at the moment.)
    Find out more here.
  • Show email headers in the message entry box — along similar lines as the previous task, this means that you can expand the Subject area in the message entry box to see the “From” and “To” lines in email conversations. This makes it more clear to whom any messages are sent out and what email address / alias is used to send these out from your account. (Desktop-only at the moment.)
    More info in the blog post about recent updates to email conversations.
  • Raise maximum number of members from 200 to 500 — this applies to Fleep conversations, teams and Fleep for Business organizations.
  • Reactions mobile UI — Reactions on the desktop apps were released already during Q1, and in Q2 we made them also available on the Android and iOS apps.
  • iPhone Push Notifications 2.0 — this was a technical rewrite, but it also brought some user benefits — now, when someone edits a message, the push notifications will be updated accordingly in receiving iPhone devices. Also, if the respective message is deleted, the push notification will be updated as well.
  • Web app message flow rewrite — another technical rewrite that improved tons of our message flow on the desktop versions, like “Show in conversation” actions for files, tasks, search results, as well as general usability and fluidity of the message flow.

So, what do we have planned next? Here are the Fleep product plans for Q3 (June, July, August):

  • Private tasks — ability to create tasks visible only to yourself on your My Tasks view. We’re considering this a key part of My tasks functionality. Once the development of Private tasks is finished, we will release My tasks to all Fleep for Business users.
  • Tasks due dates — after Private tasks, due date functionality is up next for Tasks in Fleep, along with reminders for due dates.
  • Column view on Taskboards — the idea here is to be able to view Taskboards (in conversations and in the My tasks view) in a way where different task sections are columns.
  • Phone number verification — we’re making it possible to verify the phone number you have on your Fleep account. This is the first step towards being able to find your contacts in Fleep by their phone numbers.
  • Global user search — similarly to phone number verification, the goal of global user search is to make it easier to find your contacts in Fleep.
  • User status — this will allow users to add a status like “on vacation” or “working from home” to their profile, which will be visible next to their name. Fleep users often use their name field for this currently, but the user status feature will make it more convenient and easy to use. User status will be a paid feature in the Fleep for Business subscription.
  • Organization-wide settings — with this feature, Fleep for Business admins will be able to enforce certain settings for all of their organization’s accounts: that Presence will have to be enabled on all accounts, and that only Google or Microsoft sign in could be used.
  • Updates to email experience — following the line of recent improvements to email conversations, we are planning further updates that include: showing expandable headers in the message flow, exposing outgoing emails’ “pending” state (the 30-second window Fleep users have to edit outgoing emails before they are actually sent out) along with a “send now” option, and “Reply on 1:1″ action for group email conversations.

We hope you like the direction we have taken in our product plans! As always, don’t hesitate to give us feedback at support@fleep.io. Let’s also stay in touch on social media! You can find Fleep on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram.