Giphy integration in Fleep

Edit: this article has been updated on February 28, 2019, following an update to the Giphy integration in Fleep.

The Giphy integration in Fleep lets you browse GIFs and post them to conversations in Fleep. It works out-of-the-box, so it doesn’t require any setup from you.

How to use the Giphy integration in Fleep

Using the Giphy integration in Fleep couldn’t be easier. It works with the slash command /giphy. There are a few ways how you can use it.

1. Type /giphy into the message entry box, followed by a space

A popup will appear, showing Giphy’s most popular GIFs. If you’d like, you can simply choose one of them to be posted in the conversation.

gif space

2. Type /giphy into the message entry box, followed by a keyword

A popup will appear, showing Giphy’s most popular GIFs for that keyword. You can then pick any one from the popup and it’ll be posted to the conversation:

giphy awesome

3. Type /giphy into the message entry box, followed by a space or a keyword and hit Enter without picking anything from the popup

This one is for those who have a… random sense of humor. If you don’t pick a GIF from the popup, and just hit Enter or Send, a random GIF will be posted — either completely random or a random one for that keyword, respectively.

giphy random

Anything else?

We’ve cautioned against creating unnecessary noise in team chats, so you wouldn’t have to break up with group chat and all its benefits. Well, this integration is perfect for all the Fun Chats, Watercooler and Random conversations you may have in Fleep. (If you don’t have one of those yet, now would be a good time to create one!) Occasionally, it can also have it’s time and place in more serious chats.

Should you get tired of any GIF playing on an endless loop, just click on the tiny little > arrow next to the gif to collapse it:

collapse gif

Do note that the /giphy command is only available on the desktop versions of Fleep. For you mobile GIF needs, we’d recommend using the Giphy app or the Giphy keyboard!

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