12 cool Fleep features you might not know about

team chat

Even if you use Fleep daily for team chat, project communication, for managing your emails, or all of the above, you probably don’t use all of its functionality. Which is fine — as long as it gets the job done, right?

Well, if you’re using Fleep a lot, you might as well try to make the most of it. Without further ado, here are 12 handy less-known and hidden features in Fleep to elevate your experience…

1. Add any character as a reaction

This may seem a bit random, but you can add any character or number as a message reaction in the Fleep iOS app. Long story short, our iOS developer Erik decided to build our emoji reactions in a way where you can also use the regular keyboard when adding a reaction. Instead of fixing it, we’ve embraced it as a hidden feature. And why not — you can use it in many ways, and leave your team members wondering just how you do that…

message reactions

2. Set a conversation avatar with an emoji

One of my personal favorites, this little trick is a great way to customize any conversation. Just copy and paste an emoji to the beginning of the conversation’s topic, and it becomes the conversation’s avatar in your conversation list:

emoji as conversation avatar

3. Use quick commands

Chat commands are a great way to quickly do actions that would otherwise require several clicks. For example, you can quickly create a task with /task, a pinned message with /pin, add someone with /add and so on. You can find the full list of quick commands here or just type a slash in the message box, and a popup menu with the commands will appear!

add cmd

4. Use a hidden quick command to make it snow

This is a fun and completely impractical command — /snow. Just type and send it in the desktop version of Fleep, and it will start snowing in Fleep! (Click anywhere in the interface to make it stop.)

5. Choose to use Fleep emoticons — or only emoji

If you’re anything like the creator of emoticons and think the yellow-faced emoji are ugly, you might want to try out using Fleep emoticons. All you need to do is open your account Preferences and configure the setting for Fleep emoticons. Now, you’ll be able to see and use the minimalist blue Fleep emoticons!

Fleep emoticons

Read more about the Fleep emoticons in this blog post.

6. Get a daily weather forecast in a Fleep conversation

There’s a super simple IFTTT applet for this — you can either send today’s weather forecast to Fleep or send tomorrow’s forecast to Fleep. I use it to receive the weather forecast in a dedicated chat every day at 7am.

10 cool Fleep team chat features you might not know about

Just remember to change your location in the Weather applet on IFTTT if you’re traveling!

Read more in the Fleep-IFTTT integration blog post.

7. Set yourself  a reminder

This is another handy thing you can do with the IFTTT integration — set a reminder that recurs on certain days at a certain time of the day. In our team, for example, we have configured one to remind everyone when our weekly meeting is about to start:

IFTTT integration

8. Talk to yourself

Yes, you can have a conversation with yourself in Fleep. Use it for personal notes, as a personal tasklist, to save links or files, or for anything else you wish!  After all, only you will be able to see it.

To create a monologue, just start a new conversation and do not add anyone else to the conversation. The conversation will be named “Monologue with myself”, but you can rename it to be anything.

Monologue - norm

9. Organize your conversations however you wish

You can use conversation labels to organize your conversations. Wish to see all of your team’s conversations grouped together? Sure, just enable the team’s label. Want to group all 1:1 conversations together? Yes, you can.


Would prefer to see email conversations grouped separately from Fleep-Fleep conversations? No problemo.


Want to see labels in a different order on the conversation list? Reorder them.


… you get the point.

Read more about conversation labels in this blog post: Manage your Fleep conversations with labels.

10. Edit your messages (even email messages!)

You may already know this one. But just in case you don’t, it’s really, really useful. Hitting the Up key (when the message box is active) will automatically let you edit your last message — or you can choose Edit from the message actions menu.

So, you made a typo? No problem. Edit away! You can also delete messages from the message actions — in case, say, you accidentally typed and sent message meant for another conversation.

11. Format your messages

Like the previous one, this may not be news for you. Here’s a few ways in which you can format your messages: putting *asterisks* around something will make it bold. Putting _underscores_ around it make it italic.


See all Fleep text formatting options here.

12. Create and manage email lists

This may not be cool as other features highlighted in this post, but it is definitely a power feature. You create and manage electronic mailing lists that any participant can also post (email) messages to.

All you need to do is create a conversation with the email addresses (and Fleep users), choose to add email members as email participants in the popup that appears and then make sure the Email list behavior has been enabled in the conversation settings. And voilà, you can send emails to the list!

email list behavior fleep

The email lists have been put to good use in Fleep for different communities where everyone does not wish to sign up to Fleep. Email list setting makes sure the experience of such mixed conversations with Fleep and email users are enjoyable to use.

Read more here: Introducing email list behavior in Fleep!

As always, if you have any questions or feedback, let us know at support@fleep.io. Let’s also stay in touch through our social media channels. We’re on TwitterFacebookLinkedIn and Instagram.

Fleep is a messenger for your teams and projects.

Improvements to email conversations

email conversationsFleep interoperates with email. This means that you can include people in conversations via email, and you can also manage your emails in Fleep.

In the recent months, we have made a few improvements to email conversations in Fleep. Here’s an overview of the most recent enhancements to email conversations.

Creating email conversations

Now when you create a conversation with an email address, a popup appears with two options — you can choose to either invite that email address to Fleep or you can choose to create an email conversation with them.

email conversations

We hope that this makes the experience of creating new conversations with email participants more clear — and it also gives you an easy way to invite people to Fleep.

Reply to a specific message action in email conversations

A simple yet powerful feature — you can now choose to reply to any specific email message in email conversations. Previously, you could only reply to the most recent email, and would have to manually edit the Subject and message if you wanted to refer to an earlier email message.

reply to email

Now, you can simply choose the “Reply” action from the message actions for this! This does not only update the Subject line appropriately, but also adds the correct quoted message to the end of your email. Which brings us to the next improvements…

Show last email message quote in message flow and message entry box

As we are working to make email conversations in Fleep easily usable and understood, we’ve now made all quoted messages and email signatures (including your own!) visible in the conversation.

Previously, you could see the email participants’ quoted messages and email signatures in the message flow, collapsed and hidden behind a [...] button by default.

email quotesNow you can also see these for your own messages, both in the message entry box (marked with 1 in the screen shot) and in the message flow, also hidden behind the [...] button. Just click on the [...] button to expose the quoted text and email signature:

email quotes in msg box expanded

Show email headers in the message entry box

In order to make it easy to check which email address your email will be sent out from, and who your email is being sent to, you can now check this information conveniently in the message entry box in email conversations. Previously, you’d have to check the conversation members and your Email settings respectively to check such information.

email headers

Simply click on the little arrow next to the Subject line (marked with 2 in the screen shot) to expand the area, and the “From” and “To” lines become visible:

email headers in message box expanded

Note that all these updates are currently available on the desktop versions of Fleep only—coming soon to mobile apps as well!

We hope you enjoy these improvements to email conversations. Report all your bugs, request more improvements and send all the kudos to us at support@fleep.io. You can also follow Fleep for more updates on social media—we’re on TwitterFacebookLinkedIn and Instagram.

Wide right pane in Fleep

For a while now, we’ve been iterating on some nuances of the right pane in Fleep. This has meant lots of revisions of its width, how it relates to the rest of the conversation and also to all the tabs on the right pane inside conversations in Fleep.

Expand and collapse the right pane in Fleep

Let’s start with the basics — in case you didn’t know, you can use the little arrow icon on the right pane tabs to expand and collapse the right pane. This is not new in itself, but what has changed recently are the sizes of the right pane when it’s opened.

wide right pane in Fleep

The wide right pane just got even wider

The smaller, default size of the right pane is now half of the size of the message flow. Also, the right pane now opens on top of the message flow in most cases — we support using the message flow and right pane actively side by side only when the Fleep window is wider than 1746px. Opening it on top of the message flow prevents the message flow from jumping around and some other not-so-nice user experiences.

The change we’ve made to the size of the expanded, wide right pane, is much more significant though. Now, if you expand the right pane, it enlarges to the width of the message flow, covering it entirely.

wide Pinboard

Read and write messages on the wide Pinboard

The Pinboard is a good place for any kinds of important messages, from meeting notes to product specs. Reading or browsing through long pinned messages just got more pleasant with the wide right pane. The text has more space, and you are not distracted by what’s going on in the message dlow.

The wide right pane also makes writing longer pinned messages truly enjoyable. No more distractions from the message flow! More space for your own thoughts! See for yourself:

right pane in Fleep

Zen task management with the wide Taskboard

In our own team, we use Fleep Tasks daily. And the Tasks can sometimes get quite long… That is, if the product manages to do a thorough, good job writing up product specs, bug reports, and other to-do items in the form of Tasks.

The new wide Taskboard is excellent for managing your Fleep Tasks. Why? First of all, you do not get distracted by what’s going on in the message flow in the background, because the Taskboard covers it entirely. Secondly, you can read the longer Task messages much more comfortably, as they can take up more space, and thus fit much more space on the screen. And, if you’re the one writing up the tasks, doing that in the wide Taskboard is just really zen.

wide taskboard

We hope you enjoy using the wide right pane in Fleep! All feedback and requests are welcome via support@fleep.io. Follow us on social media to be the first to hear about our product updates! We’re on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram.

New account preferences to customize how you use Fleep

There are many ways for you to customize how you use Fleep. For example, you can make emojis your conversations’ avatars. Or you can completely disable conversation avatars and use a compact conversation list. You can choose to switch off Fleep emoticons and only see emoji everywhere. And. So. Much. More.

Recently, we added a few new account preferences that help you customize how you use Fleep even further: the push notifications on every message setting and Sleep mode.

Push notifications on every new message

In building Fleep, we always optimize for less noise and more productivity. As such, we have designed Fleep push notifications to ping you only when you’re not actively using Fleep and only for every first new message in any conversation.

However, there are people who expect to receive push notifications on every new message, or even need push notifications to work that way. So, (drum-roll please) we’re happy to announce a new account preference, “Send me push notifications on every new message”:

how you use fleep

You can find the Account preferences by clicking on your profile in the bottom left corner, where your avatar is, and choosing “Preferences” from the menu that appears.

If you’d like to receive push notifications for all new messages across your conversations, just choose that option in your Account preferences!

Sleep mode

Do you sometimes leave Fleep open on your screen when you go to make a cup of coffee or chat with a colleague? If so, it’s possible that some of the new incoming new messages on your screen were automatically marked as read, as the conversation was open on your screen.

To prevent such cases where new messages could get marked as read automatically, we have introduced Sleep mode. Effectively, it means that if you leave Fleep open, active, on your screen but you are inactive on your computer (that is, not doing anything actively in Fleep) then Fleep ‘freezes’ your current open conversation, so new incoming messages on the screen are not marked as read.

You can find the Sleep mode setting in your Account preferences:

sleep mode

The main idea of Sleep mode is to prevent new messages being marked as read, when you are away from your computer or otherwise not paying attention to your screen, but have a conversation open.

You can always change the default setting for a longer ‘timer’ or even disable Sleep mode altogether, if you’d like.

What else?

Note that the new push notification setting affects your account across devices – mobile apps and the desktop versions (web browser and native apps). But the Sleep mode setting is a desktop-only feature.

We hope you enjoy these new account preferences to tailor how you use Fleep! All feedback and requests are welcome via support@fleep.io . Let’s also stay in touch through social media. We’re on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram.

Introducing emoji reactions in Fleep

Today, we’re happy to announce Fleep emoji reactions! Read on, if you’d like to find out more about why and how to react to messages…

Fleep reactions
Why reactions?

Reactions are a simple and handy way to respond to something, without actually posting a message. Want to show your support for something? Give it a thumbs-up. Want to share your excitement for something? There you go, throw some confetti at it. Or blow up some emoji-fireworks. Or even show some love with a heart emoji reaction.

And this why reactions are so powerful – as they replace the messages that otherwise would have been posted to respond in those ways, they can actually significantly reduce the noise levels of any Fleep conversation. Every reaction could have been a new message, waiting to be consumed.

In fact, if we see a dip in the total numbers of messages sent in Fleep, and a rise in the use of Reactions, we will know that this feature release was a success.

How to: Fleep emoji reactions

To add an emoji reaction, click on the reactions button right next to the message actions menu entrypoint. This will launch the emoji picker, so you can choose the emoji you wish to react with.

Fleep emoji reactions

All reactions are shown below the message in the message flow. The reactions you have added will be highlighted in blue. You can also see the count of how many people have reacted with each emoji – and if you hover over any of them, you will see a small popup that shows names of who have added it.

Fleep emoji reactionsWhen others add emoji reactions to a message, you can click that emoji to add the same one – and you can always click on a reaction you’ve added to remove it.

We also thought about our users who love keyboard shortcuts and commands. So, if you type and send “+1″, this will add a thumbs-up reaction to the latest message in the message flow. Even more, you can add any emoji reaction by sending “+1 emoji” or “+1 :emojicode:”. See it in action below:

Fleep emoji Reactions

Voting and polling in Fleep with reactions

Reactions can also easily be used to create a simple and quick vote or poll in Fleep. To do so, share the options in a message and ask people to mark their preferred option with emoji reactions. This is super handy for making decisions in a democratic way.

Fleep vote poll

Creating a vote as a pinned message will highlight it in the message flow and also allow others to add options!

What else?

Currently, Fleep emoji reactions are available on all desktop versions (web browser, macOS, Windows, Linux native apps) and can be added to any type of message in the message flow, including tasks and pinned messages.

We are rolling out reactions on the iOS and Android apps in the coming months, and we’re planning to add custom emoji support for all Fleep for Business users in the future as well.

We hope you enjoy using Fleep emoji reactions! All feedback and requests are welcome via support@fleep.io. Let’s also stay in touch through our social media channels. We’re on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram.