Fleep’s pricing is changing

Over the last few weeks, we’ve been gradually rolling out changes that will all come together on April 1st. Our pricing plans are changing — in short, we’re adding some new value to our free users (admin roles in all conversations) and at the same time moving some functionality to the paid-only tier (Teams and unlimited group conversations).

Overview of Fleep’s new pricing

Here’s an overview of Fleep’s new pricing.

Functionality available for Basic (free) users:

  • Create unlimited 1:1 conversations
  • Create up to 3 group conversations
  • Participate in unlimited group conversations
  • Admin roles in conversations (but no rights to delete other members’ content or remove access to conversation history)
  • 10GB storage

Functionality available for Business users:

  • Create unlimited 1:1 and group conversations
  • Admin roles in conversations and teams
  • Premium conversations (where admins can delete anyone’s content and remove access to conversation history)
  • Teams
  • User account management
  • Organization settings
  • File retention policy
  • Customize Fleep with your logo
  • My tasks
  • Status message
  • 100GB storage

Read more about our new pricing: fleep.io/pricing
Start your 30-day trial of Fleep for Business: fleep.io/admin

What does this mean for your account?

If you belong to any Free Teams, then you have until April 1st, 2019, to upgrade to Fleep for Business and convert these into Premium Teams.

If you sign(ed) up to Fleep before April 1st, 2019, then the 3 group conversation creation limit does not apply to you. We have granted all existing users unlimited group conversations, as a thanks for being a Fleep user!

If you have any questions or feedback for us, don’t hesitate to get in touch via support@fleep.io.

Thank you for being a Fleep user!