Introducing user search in Fleep

Fleep is a network, which means you can chat and collaborate with any other Fleep user. Previously, you had to know someone’s Fleep username or email address to find them in Fleep… Now you can simply search for them with our user search!

How to find users in Fleep with user search

When you know someone is a Fleep user and want to find them, you can search for them by typing their name into the general Search box, on the left pane in the desktop version. This will do an initial search from among your conversation topics and contacts. To search for users, click on the “Search from users” button that appears.

user search

You will then see a list of all users that match your search. If you’ve found who you were looking for, you can create a conversation with them by clicking on the search result. A popup will appear to confirm whether you wish to create the conversation.

user search popup

The popup also includes all the public information for the account, which will help make sure you’ve found the right person — their full name, avatar, username, last activity, as well as their Fleep for Business organization name and status message (if they have those).

Likewise, when you’re creating a new conversation or adding members to an existing one, you can now simply type the name and hit “Search from users” to choose the new member from all Fleep users.

create new conversation - search from users

That’s it! As easy as pie. Do note that for now, user search is only available on the desktop versions of Fleep (web browser, Windows, macOS and Linux apps).

The nitty-gritty of user search in Fleep

Now, if  you’re interested in the more specific and technical details of how user search works in Fleep, keep reading.

You can start the user search with as many (or as few) characters as you’d like. The search uses both the users’ full names as well as their usernames to find matching results. So, if you search for “Joe”, you’ll find all the users that have Joe as their name in Fleep, as well as anyone who has “joe” in their Fleep username. For example, if there was a Steve Smith with the username “”, he would show up if you searched for “Joe” as well as if you’d search for “Steve Smith”.

user search - average joe 2

If your search is at least 4 characters long, then it will also show results where the 4 characters are not a full match for the search string. For example, if you search for “Joe” (less than 4 characters), it will return results where “Joe” is a full string (either the whole first name, last name or part of the username). However, if you search for “Jaco”, it will also return results where “Jaco” is just the beginning of the match, e.g. users named “Jacob” or whose username starts with “Jaco”.

user search - 4 char jaco

If you have deleted any contact from your contact list, then you will also not be able to find them from the user search. You’d have to use their username or email address to chat with them on Fleep again.

We hope you search and find Fleep users as necessary. Do let us know if you have any feedback via Let’s also stay in touch through our social media channels. We’re on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

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