Fleep Quarterly: Review of Q1 and plans for Q2 (2018)

Another quarter has come and gone! Not too long ago we gave an overview of Fleep features released in 2017 — now, it is time for the Fleep quarterly review of what got done in Q1 of 2018 and what we have planned next.

So, here is the review of Q1 of 2018:

  • Task completion notifications — these push a notification to the conversation whenever someone marks a task as done. Think of it as a subtle, but effective form of instant gratification, a virtual high-five. If these get too much though, you can always turn them off from the Conversation settings.
  • More Tasks improvements — as Tasks are a core part of Fleep, we keep investing into incremental improvements to make sure the functionality comes full circle for our users. These improvements included a “Move to section” action, a rewrite of Tasks on mobile apps and a great secret feature involving the ((todo)) and ((done)) emoticons.
  • Wide right pane — you can now expand Taskboards and Pinboards to an even wider state, giving you a really zen experience for working with tasks and pinned messages.
  • Fleep emoji reactions — we think you’ll love our recently released emoji reactions not just for all its fun effects, but also for how it can improve productivity. You can use reactions to respond to something, without sending an actual message that would alert everyone in the conversation.
  • Push notifications for every new message — there are people who love our intelligent logic for sending push notifications, optimized for less noise and more focus — and there are people who’d rather receive a push notification for every new incoming message. Now, if you belong to the later group, go ahead and try out this new account Preference!
  • Sleep mode — this is an account preference we almost didn’t want to let users decide about. Its default setting makes sure that if you leave a Fleep conversation open on your screen, then new incoming messages will not be marked as read automatically. Instead, they will be shown with the “New messages” indicator. We’re trying to make sure you won’t miss any messages that may be important to you. However, if this in any way hinders how you use Fleep, you can set the timer for longer than the default 1min or disable it altogether.
  • appear.in default room — if you’re a regular user of our audio and video calling with appear.in, then this one’s for you! Open any Fleep conversation’s settings and configure a default appear.in room — and all calls started in that conversation will launch the respective appear.in room.

And what do we have planned next? Here’s what we have planned to build in the next 3 months (March, April, June), the Q2 of 2018:

  • My tasks  as always, unfinished business is our first priority. We’re starting beta testing real soon!
  • Mobile support for emoji reactions  this is a no-brainer. We wanted to launch emoji reactions to you as soon as possible, but we weren’t going to leave these without mobile support. Soon enough, you’ll be able to see, add and remove reactions on the mobile apps as well!
  • Private tasks  in beefing up our Tasks functionality, Private tasks are up next after My tasks. These will be the kind of tasks that only you can see, in your My tasks view.
  • User status and do not disturb mode  this has been requested from us for a while, and we believe it will be a feature that, like reactions, adds a good mix of useful & fun to Fleep.
  • Global user search  as Fleep is a network, we’re planning to make it easier for users to find other Fleep users. Currently, you can ‘find’ people when adding them to conversations with their Fleep username or primary email address. Global user search will add the option of finding people by their name!
  • Improvements to email conversations  we will be working to improve the experience of email messages in Fleep. These will be a treat to everyone who uses Fleep to send and receive emails!

We hope you liked this Fleep quarterly update. If you have any questions or feedback, don’t hesitate to contact us at support@fleep.io. Let’s also stay in touch through our social media channels. We’re on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram.