Fleep secured 800,000€ in further seed funding

blog-fundingTallinn June 9th: We’re gearing up for the next phase of our mission to replace email by adjusting our business model and announcing a further €800,000 in seed funding from Estonian and UK angels bringing its total investment to €1.9M. The extended seed round is led by current investors Jaan Tallinn, co-founder of Skype, and Rockspring, a technology investment firm based in Cambridge, UK and headed by David Gammon.

Jaan Tallinn said “I’m very happy to continue to support Fleep because I really believe that email is an outdated mode of communication and Fleep is the best messaging solution I have seen out there. I know the quality of the top people from our Skype days and am looking forward to Fleep making the same kind of impact in the messaging market as Skype did in voice and video.

David Gammon of Rockspring said “Fleep combines the best of email with messaging in an open architecture and then makes it work seamlessly. As a result, Fleep has become an indispensable daily tool for me. Rockspring is very pleased to be backing this wonderfully talented team.

Fleep has now grown to over 25,000 users and launched Fleep ID, an alternative to an email address in April.

Our CEO, Henn Ruukel, sums it up “With continued support from funders and major new upgrades coming we are feeling extremely confident about the future. Email is a protocol from the 1970s and we are gradually building the tools to make it obsolete.