Fleep User Story: How 4 Early Adopters use Fleep Team Chat

Fleep User Stories is a series of blogposts that showcases all the cool people, teams and companies that use Fleep in their daily business.

Fleep is lucky to have a very diverse user base – there are teams of bankers, divers, programmers, startups, lawyers, marketers, families, robotics enthusiasts… You get the idea. And it’s incredible how differently people use Fleep for team chat!

In the panel discussion below, four early adopters share how and why they use Fleep for their team chat. Listen in:

The panel above features Krister Viirsaar from toitla.com, who’s more of a technical guy himself and knows what makes a great business communication tool. Gerli Veermäe, co-founder of GoWorkaBit, appreciates how Fleep works as the communication tool for their team that’s unconventionally dispersed geographically. Then we have Agur Jõgi, Group CTO of BigBank, who shares the experience of their bank employees using Fleep as their business communication software. Representing the academic community is Sander Ulp from Tallinn University of Technology, who knows a thing or two about how students chat and communicate.

Thanks Krister, Gerli, Agur and Sander for being a part of the panel discussion and sharing how Fleep has changed your business communications! You can find all featured user stories under the Fleep User Stories category. Make sure you also follow Fleep on Twitter (#fleepstories) and Facebook to keep an eye on our news and updates!